AMOV Apparel – Danish sustainable and ethical brand

AMOV Apparel – Danish sustainable and ethical brand
December 13, 2017 Diana

As we move forward with the years, the world slowly becomes more aware of the healthiness and quality of everything we put on and in our body. Danish society has always favored and embraced everything that it’s ecological, recycled or energy-saving. Surely nowadays customers are more open-minded towards less environmental harm by going for quality and not quantity.
AMOV Apparel is one of the brands in Danmark, that implement the requirements for keeping the environment healthy. Their minimalist style goes hand in hand with what they believe. The high-quality fabrics, the organic materials, the responsible production and their design to be for a long lifetime are keeping up with the demands of our new way of healthy society.

A Man Of ValueThe AMOV beginning

The brand was founded in 2015 by Kasper Eis, who was previously CEO of LEGO Wear, a truly prominent place on the career ladder. However, his attitude towards life and work has been radically altered by his wife’s illness and the following Einstein quotation took a meaning and inspiration from which the name of the brand is derived.

“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value …”

His career and work remained important to Kasper, but the concept of success revalued him. It is no longer the goal of climbing the career path, but it is to work for the benefit of society and the environment.

Interview with AMOV founder Kasper


How is your design processes and what inspires you?

K: Our Design Manager tries to design styles that can last for a decade instead of a season. Inspiration can be found in the wardrobe – and from old cool classics. But, we also look at the newest fashion colors – and evaluate whether we believe that some of them have a long lifetime. We have to always find the balance between being classic and being modern.

Why sustainable fashion?

K: My first ambition was to combine doing business with doing good – inspired by TOMS shoes in the US. But, I found out that raising money for charity did not really mean anything if we didn’t go for a sustainable solution as well. This was also heavily inspired by Morten and Leonie. 

How is it to have a sustainable fashion business? 

K: Everything is basically more difficult. It took me a year to find relevant and trustworthy suppliers. Also going forward it’s a daily struggle to find sustainable fabrics and suppliers. But, we have found some very good ones – and recently also made great progress with products in Tencel, Recycled Polyester etc.

Many find sustainable fashion, expensive, sometimes hard to find, given that, often people make the choice to go for your fast fashion partners. Why should they not go the easy way and choose you AMOV?

K: Sustainable fashion has fallen into many traps over the last decades. Often too boring, often too expensive. With AMOV we try to be competitive in both pricing, branding, design, and promotion. We believe that only if the consumer finds the product relevant, could it lead to a sale in the end. Being sustainable doesn’t ensure a sale, it’s just a good added feature for some consumers.

Is it more difficult to follow the trends?

K: Good question. Being sustainable – and fighting for a long lifetime of garments, means that we can’t follow all fashion trends with short lifetimes. But, I still believe that we have many choices and opportunities when creating a collection. We don’t feel constrained – and we certainly also feel up to par at the fashion weeks.

What is your long-term vision?

K: I want AMOV to become a niche brand in 10-20 markets. The main vision is to inspire and push for sustainability – and to raise money for charity. So, in 5-10 years I hope that we can raise millions for charity every year and that we’re mentioned as one of the leaders in the sustainable fashion industry.


 From the Danes, we have become accustomed to the importance of protecting and maintaining consistency and maintaining the environment and society in a good state, therefore we believe that …

“All consumers should start thinking about their behavior and apparel. In the food industry this development has happened over the last 20 years – and now more than 30% choose organic milk and oatmeal. I wish for the same to happen in the fashion industry. Open minded and curious consumers – who understand the positive and negative impact they can have.” – Kasper AMOV

Given that, we sustain and recommend AMOV industry with all our hearth.