ARKK Copenhagen

Brand driven by friendship

ARKK Copenhagen
November 7, 2019 Lujza

While innovation in the apparel industry has been steadily increasing and new brands are popping up tremendously in the past few years, there still seemed to be a gap in the sneaker’s market. 

Until recently, the industry was ruled only by the market’s giants despite the many efforts of smaller brands. These leaders dictated the various sneaker trends, resulting in a noticeable uniformity within the sporty street style footwear. So let’s take a close look at the brand which made it!

Where it all started

All the way from Denmark, the news of this contemporary sneaker brand flew around the world and today they can pride in having their collections in over 37 countries and owning 2 physical concept stores in the heart of Copenhagen. This October, the ARKK Copenhagen will celebrate their 5th birthday since it’s been founded by 2 lifelong friends, Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Høj Rasmussen. 

While Kasper’s background is in fashion and Thomas’ strength is the business aspect, together they managed to define the most important features and put the puzzles together creating the unique concept It’s popularity has been growing ever since.

Their primary goal was never just to create a successful business, but rather to create something new in a new way. With this in mind, discovery, risk-taking, positive attitude and friendship are essential aspects of a brand’s life, and the ultimate driving force for designers is eternal, pure passion for sports shoes.

Ideal tool for self-expression

So what distinguishes ARKK next to the traditional sneaker brands? Even though each line is unique, you can spot a certain pattern. The Scandinavian heritage is strongly present within all of the models, coming from the long danish tradition in minimalistic design, art, and architecture. 

ARKK combines pure and graceful lines inspired by Copenhagen’s grand landmarks to ensure modern and timeless design and evoke a clean and minimalistic look suitable for every outfit. It is these values that are imprinted in each of their 4 collection – or the brand’s DNA as the founder’s like to call it.

Sustainability in focus

Sustainability and ethics became yet another priority of these aspiring entrepreneurs behind ARKK. While designed in Copenhagen, their production partners in Portugal and Vietnam were handpicked to ensure the promised quality and precision in every stitch. What’s more, all the models are highly ethical at the same time. 

Although the road to sustainability is a long and crooked one, at the moment ARKK is utilising zero-waste production for many of the sneakers and is using 100% recycled shoe boxes. It is also necessary to give them thumbs up for a decision to make their own soles, despite it being a rather complicated and expensive process.

ARKK Copenhagen at UPTOSTYLE

Nowadays, they pride in having designed 7 outsoles so far.

Each collection is composed of 4 main features which together make ARKK’s DNA, but with a different twist and suitable for different personalities looking for something unique for their personal style.

The ICONIC the permanent and forever-popular collection, which has proven to contain all the attributes appealing to a large audience. Season after season, ARKK bewitches the global market and we can only agree that it is a trend to stay.

The CRAFT emphasizes the quality craftsmanship and unique materials that ensure that the line maintains its label of highly curated lifestyle footwear with a modern outlook.

The TECH because ARKK is all about innovation and functionality! By combining the Scandinavian practicality with street style design, ARKK embraces the everyday city adventures.

The CORE the foundation of ARKK’s DNA is combining comfort and versatility. From the first collection, ARKK quickly gained success and popularity of the wide audience.

Raven Mesh is now available in three colors on our webshop, and you are guaranteed to find the one that most expresses you. The first Raven Mesh S-E15 launched in September 2015 at the SEEK Fashion Fair in Berlin. The entire first run of 4000 pairs was sold out in 2 weeks prior to their release. Ever since the RAVEN became the world-known model that everybody connects with the brand.

Raven Mesh

So let’s take a look at the model that captured the minds of so many street style footwear enthusiasts. Despite the many variations and remakes of the RAVEN model, each edition retains the original minimalist silhouette and the custom-designed sole. 

The two key features of this model are versatility and comfort. The clean design makes sure you can wear it with jeans or a dress. The lightweight of the shoe ensures maximum comfort so you can put it on for a party or on a bike. When put in a simple way: the shoe you can wear every day, everywhere with everything. 

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Text by Barbora Novomeská
Pictures by ARKK Copenhagen