Brand alert: FEAR OF GOD

Brand alert: FEAR OF GOD
March 13, 2018 Thomas Gresty

Five things you didn’t know about Jerry Lorenzo’s thriving fashion label – Fear of God

Worn by celebrities as Justin Bieber, David Beckham and the Kardashians, the clothing brand Fear of God (F.O.G) is what is on everyone’s lips right now. The mysterious brand that popped up from nowhere has lately been listed by various magazines (Forbes, Complex, Hypebeast) as one of the top brands in street fashion right now, and the founder Jerry Lorenzo is seen as one of the most wanted streetwear designers. We at UPTOSTYLE therefore decided to make an article for you, to clear out the mysteries of the explosion of the celebrity brand and its unique elements which are now found amongst other designers. But more explained below. Here you go – here are Five things you didn’t know about Jerry Lorenzo’s thriving fashion label F.O.G.







1. The designer without fashion education

The saying “the path to success is not a straight line” could not be truer of the F.O.G. founder Jerry Lorenzo Manuel. LA-based Jerry’s sporty background paired with 15 years of working in retail, is what laid the foundation for the athleisure style that F.O.G promotes. After Jerry’s internship at MTV, he first launched a brand called ‘Tastemakers’, which focused on innovation consulting and styling for brands and individuals. Eventually, this later led to the creation of the brand ‘Fear Of God’. Jerry though went against what one would consider the traditional fashion designer path and came with no fashion education in his back pockets, but instead, the owner of an MBA from Loyola Marymount University that he took after college in hope to become a sports agent.

3. It has become a status of influence

There is a list of celebrities who show respect for F.O.G and the list is growing. If you follow Kendrick Lamar or Justin Bieber on Instagram, there is a fair chance that you are already familiar with the fact that many such celebrities like to wear F.O.G. The list goes on with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (Kanye being a close friend of Jerry’s) , David Beckham, 2 Chainz, Kendal Jenner, Rihanna or Wiz Khalifa. As some of the most influential individuals within media, these guys surely know how to dress.

2. It is not an ordinary brand 

Fear of God doesn’t fall under a certain fashion category. Unlike several other upper range brands, F.O.G merch is not sold under a certain category in stores. The clothing line can be found under ‘contemporary’, ‘designer’ or under ‘street style’. As Jerry Lorenzo repeatedly states during interviews, F.O.G’s aim is not to try to fit in, because that would lead to limitations of where the brand comes from, and where it’s heading.

4. It’s a big brand with a small business

If talking about the brand F.O.G, you have to talk about the founder Jerry Lorenzo. The reason is that there is a very, very small team behind the grand vision. Jerry does not do things “the usual way”, but goes against certain trends. To begin with, Fear of God does not do fashion shows, neither do they run marketing campaigns. As a way of promoting themselves, they’ve been in a collaboration with the brand New Era and another one with Vans is about to come up. On top of that, F.O.G has decided to stay small by not going public as a company. They don’t have any investors or shareholders, which also makes the brand unique compared to the competition with the same amount of influence.








5. The reason behind the name

As most of you wonder, why the name “Fear of God”? Jerry is a devoted Christian and comes from a Christian family, but the brand itself is not Christian. Jerry refers to the brand as “belonging to God”, and him having the responsibility to let God’s light shine through everything he touches as a designer. As one of a few individuals in high positions in the fashion industry, Jerry has managed a lot of publicity without scandals. There have been accusations about Jerry copying Ricky Owens Geobasket shoes – of which Jerry responded are his favorite shoes, and he agrees that they may look identical, but they are not the same shoes when you touch them.


If you have not yet been convinced, you should check out the brand for yourself, with their unique ready- to wear collection. As many celebrities have started wearing the brand, it has not yet touched ground amongst everyday people, so you would certainly stand out from the crowd. Disclaimer- well you check the prices yourself.

Fear of God:



Words by Thomas Gresty