Can cleaning be fun? – Pure Effect Sweden

Can cleaning be fun? – Pure Effect Sweden
November 6, 2017 Anett

When we first saw the products of Pure Effect, our first thought was that it’s a really nice looking brand who sells regular cleaning products. But then we made some research and it turned out, it’s far from an ordinary brand. Pure Effect is a Swedish brand – the first in the Nordic market to offer biotechnological garment care and cleaning products for the home. The products are based on an active bacterial culture that cleans deep beneath the surface. Isn’t it cool? 

Lina & Linda, the founders of Pure Effect believe in sustainable innovations, not going back to the horse and carriage, in order to live in better balance with the ecosystem and each other. They believe in the importance of good bacteria in our lives to help us feel good. Sustainability is about how together we can create a sustainable society, and Lina & Linda are doing their best to make sure that actively working to ensure that Pure Effects products are both socially and environmentally sustainable.

“If we care enough to make wiser choices, we can create the future we want. And we believe in aesthetics and emotions, to have things around us that mean something to us.” 


All Clean

One of our personal favourite is the All Clean, which comes in a beautiful little bottle with a pipette. You just need to add two-three drops of this gorgeous blue liquid to the water and then voilot. Spray it everywhere and enjoy your clean home. 

Clothing Mist 

With Pure Effect Clothing Mist you easily freshen up your garments and other difficult-to-wash textiles. It extends the time between laundering and is a clever alternative to dry cleaning. Isn’t it just perfect? 

Shoe Mist 

It’s really easy to use. Smells good. Do you need more? It’s good for shoes and on textile like outerwear, scarfs, sweaters, jackets, bags, etc. With a scent of Nordic Oak. 

We can truly recommend the all of the products of Pure Effect Sweden. It’s not only a pretty package but an effective and sustainable product which is good for you, for your home and your environment.