In case you are obsessed with feeling a sophisticated touch of beauty in your hands, you need Cereal Magazine! You can find enthralling stories in all of the issues about design, art and fashion. This travel & style magazine is a must-have design element if you are an obsessed follower of the minimalist lifestyle.
Do you find pleasure in turning over the pages of a high-quality, eye-catching magazine while sitting on the couch on a peaceful Saturday afternoon? Or have a crush on posting minimalistic layout photos on your Instagram? Cereal Magazine has you back!
The England-based lifestyle magazine offers authentic content to its readers since 2012. After releasing quarterly in the first three years, the founders, Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton changed to a biannual issue schedule, publishing in May and September in every year.
Cereal Magazine includes gripping interviews with the most special artists and unique stories of the most stylish products, spiced with intelligent essays on fun facts and heartfelt experiences.
The brand is best known for its artistic minimal photography. Printed on FSC-approved uncoated paper, the perfect bound finish makes every piece of Cereal Magazine a flawless combination of a book and a work of art.
Beyond appearances, each edition is centred to introduce a city that is worth getting added to your bucket list destinations. The magazine presents the cultures and countries with passionate thoroughness that guides us to the most beautiful scenes of our world.
The secret of authenticity is that in the first years, the founders travelled to each location themselves and experienced all that they involved publishing in the articles. This is the reason why Cereal Magazine makes us feel like actually visiting a certain country.
So, are you ready for a stylish imaginary journey? Dive deep into the minimalist life of art & design and grab your favourite issue!
Cereal Magazine at UPTOSTYLE
As obsessed followers of minimalism and sophisticated design, we, at UPTOSTYLE are beyond happy to be official stockists of Cereal Magazine.
The aim of Cereal Magazine is to provide readers with experience over information. Sitting down at home after an exhausting day of work and getting immersed in an issue is the best we can imagine. It is the perfect tool to forget about everything and discover a brand new world through the pages.
The primary target audience of the creators was similar people like them. They created the first issue with the inspiration of their own interests, having in mind to share them with the global group of other design-conscious professionals. Of course, the flawless design aroused the interest of many individuals as well.
Though Cereal Magazine design is often connected to Scandinavian style, Rosa and Rich live in Bath and work in Bristol in fact. Therefore, the mix of these two city cultures has an impact on their work too. While Bath represents calmness and consistency, Bristol has youngish, vibrant vibes full of energetic spirits.
The Cereal Magazine layout was hence created to be calm and modern both intentionally and intuitively. These were completed with muted tones and a pared-back, uncluttered and focused approach, forming a minimal timeless design that is often connected to Scandinavian lifestyle for a reason.
In the first years, the founders insisted on visiting each location in person as long as it was sustainable. This made every page come to life and give a lifelike adventure experience to readers. While reading through all the stories, you actually feel like being physically there, talking to the interviewees and touching all masterpieces by yourself.
Besides travelling, art and architecture have an essential role in every issue. We can meet talented architects and artists who share their journey, their ideas, the details of their collection and what inspired them most. Getting to know their art broadens our horizons and gives us the inspiration to look further.
As a complete collection of arts, Cereal Magazine ensures to incorporate literature and poetry into its concept. In this way, those who most identify with the powerful world of words can satisfy their needs with expanded essays and immersive poems too. These are usually connected to a specific culture which opens up another window to the world.
In 2016, Cereal City Guides were released to feature a selection of hidden places in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Copenhagen. These physical guide books present the must-see locations of the city to visit, stay, eat and drink, illustrated with original photography.
Cereal City Guides are available online too and were updated in 2018 with a selection of interviews with locals, souvenirs to buy, weekend itineraries and extended recommendations of the greatest places. Prominent members like chefs and designers describe their thoughts through essays in each guide to get a realistic view of the city.
The latest issues are always available at UPTOSTYLE, along with all the Cereal City Guide issues. Order a copy and feel the harmonious feel of every page in your hands!
Frequently asked questions about Cereal Magazine
Where and how to purchase Cereal Magazine?
Since UPTOSTYLE is one of the official stockists, we always make sure to have the latest Cereal Magazine issues available for purchase on our website. Furthermore, we also offer Cereal Magazine subscription in order to help you get all the fresh releases immediately at first hand.
Thanks to this, there is no need to deal with the procedure of purchasing every time when a new release comes out. Your favourite magazine will just automatically be delivered to your home as soon as getting published.
Of course, along with the latest Volumes, Cereal City Guides are also available at UPTOSTYLE. Accordingly, you can easily get the most stylish guide of your bucket list city together with your dearest lifestyle magazine.
Is Cereal Magazine available online too?
Yes, online presence has always been important for Rosa and Rich. Though people often think they put emphasize only on print, they are aware of the importance of the digital world. In fact, it has a crucial role in their brand identity, especially because their online readers base is twice as big as the number of print readers.
Since digital is a totally different platform than print, the founders take special care to create content specifically for online. These mostly get published exclusively on their website, while some Cereal Magazines articles get published only in the print issues.
What led the creators to start Cereal Magazine?
Rosa has always had a passion for writing and literature. After working several years, she got back to learning and did her MA in English Literature. She worked for publications and in this way could get familiar with that environment. Then, she met Rich, and they started dreaming about to create a magazine together, which they finally did.
Where does the magazine’s name come from?
The name Cereal comes from Rosa’s passionate love of breakfast cereal both as a child and adult. It means and represents for her the nourishing and feeding of curiosity that everyone has, especially as a playful child. Both the creators found this name is neutral enough to carry the brand’s identity and values throughout its development.
What font does Cereal Magazine use?
When deciding about the most perfect Cereal Magazine font, the creators explored everything to know about how magazines play with the visuality of fonts. The general rule is that large contrasting headlines establish a hierarchy with small text letters that thus form a balanced look on the pages.
This method did not work with Cereal Magazine though – it took away the typical simplicity and calmness of the magazine. The founders needed to come up with a different approach with the smallest amount of type variations possible. As a result, they ended up creating harmony with using 8.5pt serif typeface for copy and 6pt sans serif for credits/captions.
Besides fonts, the creative use of positive and negative space on the pages is also responsible for setting up the hierarchy. Furthermore, the secret of enhanced readability is the ragged edge style of paragraphs and a line added to indicate the end of an article.

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