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Els & Nel planners are all over the internet right now. We all have seen those beautiful, black and white planners on Pinterest boards and as an accessory on Instagram flat lays. It feels like an essential for your daily life. When design and effectivity come together, the final product is a gem without a doubt.
When it comes to stationery we are a huge fan of simple products that also looks timeless. If you are a lover of being organised and journaling in the old fashioned way, we got you covered. Els & Nel signature prints are all over and making planning a fun activity to do.
Being organised and getting into the habit of arranging your day-to-day task can be challenging but with a 2020 planner book, all of the struggles will be turned into a fun activity. In today’s age, we are surrounded by technology and processing millions of information in a day. It’s always nice to just stop and step back.
It is easy to say to go and buy a planner but it is a hassle to find the perfect one for your needs. Els & Nel makes this decision a lot easier with their approach to simplicity. The 2019-2020 weekly planner is divided into weekly sections for a better overview of how a week is going to look like.
We tend to go to our phones and computers when it comes to our personal sphere. In the Age of Digitalism, people are using technological devices over paper. This makes the change a tad harder, but Els & Nel being the same since the launch of the company makes the transition an effortless task that we can all enjoy.
Minimalism, design and productivity. If you are intrigued by these three words, let dive into the brand.
Els & Nel at UPTOSTYLE
We have a few selections of Els & Nel products at UPTOSTYLE of 2020 planners. But let’s talk about the company that started at the peak of digitalisation. In 2012 in the Netherlands Els & Nel was born by a creative duo.
The founders and also the designers of the planner, Aleks Pietrzykowska and Kim de Haas met during university studying fashion communication. They started working together in 2012 when they launched the company.
Increasingly, people chose technological devices over paper. So Els & Nel felt the need for changing this and bringing back paper goods. For the creative due, paper was still an essential and useful object in their daily life. So, here we have the best planners 2020 for our joy.
In 2012, when the stationery design duo started the company it was a hit. Apparently, not only Els & Nel had a desire for material goods. A simple journal was redesigned into a quality bound paper product in addition to our daily life. For the company, it is still a driving force when it comes to designing and producing.
Amsterdam based women have a great devotion to quality and craftsmanship, such as the carefully selected manufactured papers from Italy. When going through the pages you can tell, their philosophy is impelled by simplicity, which goes beyond visual style. Therefore, it is introducing you into a more dynamic way of life.
The 2020 monthly planner comes in the most convenient size by 17 x 24 cm. It has rounded corners and a hardcover that comes in two different styles. One of the Els & Nel signature prints and one in black for those who love a sleek look. Due to its classicality, everyone can find the most suitable stationery item for themselves.
Let’s take a look at the inside of the journal, it consists of 128 pages. You can find a spread overview of the years 2020 and 2021. As we know it is a monthly planner so it comes with a twelve-page booklet with a monthly overview. Helping you to get organised and have an outline of your upcoming months.
Within the 2020 daily planner, there are 52 pages of spread by weekly with a squared note page attached at every week. With this solution planning and organising your life will become a fun activity to do. At the start of the week it is always nice to have a glance at what you are heading to that week. Bonus: you will have five extra blank pages for everything your imagination desires.
2020 hardcover planner has a little sister called Pocket Journal with a rightful name by the size of 11 x 15 cm. The smaller version has a softcover with the same rounded corners as its sister. The packaging is different from the original one. It comes in two gorgeous covers, in a silver named Shade and in a metallic black colour with the name Dark Night.
The proportion of the journal is perfect for those who love small and advantageous means in their life. That’s being said, both planners are a great companion for everyone, for university students, business ladies and for entrepreneurs.
Frequently asked questions about Els & Nel

It is no surprise if the Els & Nel products have the title best planners 2020 alongside them. The journals are formatted to show the weekdays horizontally for a more precise overview. For upcoming projects, long term plans months ahead of you, Els & Nel includes an extra removable booklet for your creativity to spike.
When do 2020 planners come out?
All the cute planners come out before the new year starts. Usually, they are already in stock in November making the perfect gift for a stationery enthusiastic. Still, you can buy them all year round until they are available, of course. The 2020 planner calendar comes with extra pages giving you the visionary freedom you need.
What does Els & Nel stand for?
The name comes from the nicknames of the creative design duo. Aleks’ friends called her Els with the purpose of becoming a DJ that would have been a rock-solid stage name for her. Although she never pursued a career in the music industry, the name was waiting to be used.
Kim had a Facebook persona called ‘Pieternella’ so Nel is just the shortened version of it. Els & Nel sounds ear-catching together. So, there you have it, a creative studio based in Amsterdam with the name Els & Nel.
What inspired the creation of the journals?
According to the founders, Amsterdam plays a huge role in their creative thinking. Travelling is a huge influence on being inspired. London and Berlin have a special place in their heart when it comes to observing people how they live their everyday life. Each city has its own dynamics and pace.
They say that coming back from wandering around European cities, they take their observations and use it as an inspiration for further projects. Returning back to Amsterdam helps them realize all the capital can offer. We found out their favourite coffee place is Back to Black in the heart of the city. So, if you are ever in Amsterdam go and take a look at that coffee nook and check the view from the bridges across the Amstel and Weesperzijde.
Where can I find more about Els & Nel?
Els & Nel also has an Instagram page where you can find more inspirational photographs from the women behind the brand and also they are reposting other’s pictures with their hourly planner 2020 in it. So, get organised and post your own version on how you are using the journal. It could look amazing alongside your HODINA watch.

For future projects, you can also follow them on Instagram. According to their philosophy, they are aiming to create a ‘culture of making’. From previous and upcoming collaborations you will find like-minded people and brands such as Els & Nel.

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