Handmade earrings

When we were given the opportunity to make our own line of handmade earrings, we jumped at the possibility. A pair of handmade earrings is the perfect accessory. Any outfit can be turned around by the right bit of decoration hanging from your ear. So, of course we went ahead and made a whole collection!
Our earrings are lovely, statement pieces, inspired by mother nature herself. They’re made in stunning, minimalistic colours so that you can wear them with almost anything. There are a number of styles to choose from so select whichever is your favourite.
We had so much fun creating this collection of handmade earrings. We can’t wait to see the outfit combinations you come up with!
Handmade earrings designed and produced by UPTOSTYLE
We are excited to present our own line of handmade earrings in clay! It was a brilliant project as we could take what we want from earrings as a reference and make them real. We had so many handmade jewelry ideas and how they are a reality We also took notice of what all our followers were after. These are the results!
We chose to create a line of modern clay earrings inspired by nature. They are very wearable but statement enough to completely level up your outfit. They’re great fun and we can’t wait for you to try them out.
We’ve produced our clay earrings in three different shapes, each of which reference nature. Firstly, our Adria earrings are named after the Adriatic Sea, the beautiful body of water stretching from the Italian peninsula to the Balkan coast.
To reflect their inspiration, the earrings are made up of soft and wavy abstract forms. An ellipse hangs down from a circle where the earring fixes to your ear as if it was a drop of water about to fall. The small ring of metal connecting the two forms changes from piece to piece. Some of the hardwear is a golden colour and others silver.
The Sahara earrings are named after the desert of the same name, the largest hot desert in the world which spans across the northern part of the African continent. For this piece, the design is more smooth edged, just like the horizons of a sand dune.
Again, one form is connected to the ear, this time a circle, with a horseshoe shape hanging below it. This style is made in three colour ways. We have the pepper earrings, beige and white, as well as white and lilac. Our Sahara earrings are probably our largest style. Therefore, this is the perfect design for you if you really want to make an impact.
Unlike our other pieces, our Java earrings are made from one form instead of two. This is what earnt them their name of Java after the Indonesian island – a mass hanging on its own. The lines are wavy, similar to our Adria style, with a cut out in the middle.
Our Java earrings are also available in two sizes. You can choose from either a large beige design, large pepper earrings, small pepper earrings, or a small brown style. It’s lovely to think about your hairstyle when choosing a style. The large earrings look amazing when they hang below short hair and when the hair is tied back. Therefore, they work really similarly than to handmade hoop earrings.
Just as the shapes of each piece have been inspired by nature, some of our materials have been too. The pepper earrings are made up of a solid, neutral base tone with flecks of a darker material spread throughout them.
We found that using that using real pepper, kneading it into our polymer clay, gave the exact, naturally imperfect look we were searching for. As soon as you know, it seems obvious that this was the material we chose. The design owes a lot to mother nature herself and is naturally sophisticated as a consequence.
We are really proud of our range of earrings and are excited for you to try them out! It has been great fun experimenting as handmade jewelry designers and we believe this shows in the collection we’ve created.
FAQs about our handmade earrings
Are each of the earrings exactly the same?
No they’re not, and that’s the charm of them! Because these are handmade, each pair is slightly different. The shames are not all completely uniform and neither is the mix of pepper within the polymer or the marble on the brown earrings. When you buy these pieces, you receive unique handmade earrings. Mother nature has inspired us in so many ways for this collection!
Where can you buy these earrings?
Here on UPTOSTYLE is the only handmade earrings online shop for these pieces! They are a complete exclusive. Therefore, you can have ‘handmade earrings near me’ at any time.
What should I wear with these earrings?
We find that wearing colour block outfits works really well with these earrings. If you are wearing all beige items, adding either the beige, peppered earrings or the lilac pair adds a completely new element to the outfit.
Pairing the earrings with block colours also works brilliantly because of their shape. As the earrings are all made as abstract forms, they contrast well when put with blocks of colour rather than patterns. Therefore, outfits with strong lines in them work brilliantly.
The earrings also work for so many different occasions. Because of their shape, they are interesting enough to be carried off on even the most formal of occasions. Or, they can add that bit of sparkle to the most simple of outfits. In fact, they look really special with slouchy jumpers especially. The juxtaposition of levels of formalities looks really different and cool.
How to make handmade earrings?
We have created our handmade earrings using a material called polymer clay. This clay is made out of polymer polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. The thing which is so special about this material is that it hardens once it’s baked.
Therefore, you’re able to mould the material into whatever shape you want and it will stay that way. Using polymer clay was perfect as well for our pepper earrings. We were able to knead the pepper straight into the clay, dispersing it through the material.
What other handmade earrings are popular?
Paper clay earrings are another popular style. This where the clay has processed cellulose in it as well, most commonly paper, meaning that it is super light. This sort of clay is also known as fiberclay. When you add paper to clay, it makes it much stronger before it is fired but more fragile once it has been through the firing process.

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