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Staying on top of our game, especially with hectic schedules can be really overwhelming and stressful. They say sticking to routines and strictly planned schedules help. We say you only need the right motivation to enjoy even a busy day to the fullest.
And maybe turn away from a screen for once. Nowadays, taking up a minimalist lifestyle can be a real challenge. People are not so understanding. We are going offline for a while or just trying to live a simpler life for a change. Just remember, what people think will not make you happy, but taking ownership and embracing your life will.
Back in 2014, all these simple values have been transformed into a unique accessory in HODINA Watch, that was born from a love for a family tradition and an urge to keep beauty in our daily lives to remind us that things are not bad at all, we just have to have the right attitude.
HODINA Watches, a brand founded in Seattle by Vadim, who used to play in his father’s watch shop back in Ukraine and wanted to honour his father’s work and lifetime legacy, as well as their shared admiration for beautiful vintage watches, is a unique brand designing minimalist watches and products.
The beautiful idea behind the brand, that “anybody can Own the Hour” best expresses the passion and craftsmanship put into the production of Hodina Designers Watch. UPTOSTYLE not only admires the enthusiasm behind the product but also the effort and precision put into its assembling. You can give a read to our interview with the creative duo behind HODINA.
Their timeless minimalistic design is almost futuristic in its precision and clean lines and puts HODINA on top of the list of the best minimalist watch brands, proving that you don’t have to be a market giant to make a breakthrough and be an example of exceptional products manufactured with attention to details and love for the craft.
HODINA Watches are designed in both more masculine and more feminine style so that everybody can find their perfect piece, even though the simple design ensures that every watch can be worn by whoever finds it beautiful.
Except for watches, HODINA products include a wide range of designer minimalistic accessories like Minimalist Rings, Ultra Thin Phone Cases, Location Tees, Wallets, and wide range of exchangeable watch straps.
HODINA Watches for her is a collection of monochrome designs all in rose and basalt tones, creating a very delicate yet fierce and compelling compilation. HODINA Watches for him combine old fashioned tones with modern design into a line that represents a classy and monochromatic style.
HODINA Watches bringing minimalist tones to UPTOSTYLE
You already know that in UPTOSTYLE we are stout minimalists, and so products like HODINA Watches cannot miss among our collections. You also know that we always select the best of the best for you to choose from. So let’s have a look at our HODINA Watches collection.
Our all-time favourite is a watch that happened from an exclusive partnership between HODINA x Minimalissimo. A collaboration that took over Kickstarter and is a reason why we now can celebrate the best of minimalism with one look on our wrist and change the perception of time for us.
But besides this unique product available only as a limited edition, we curated for you a collection of the most popular HODINA Watches, starting with HODINA Bellevue Watch for men with classic black leather strap and stunning black dial.
The best part of HODINA Watches is the unlimited range of watch accessories with which you can transform the design of your watch. HODINA Bellevue Watch is also available with a gold mesh strap or in three different designs as HODINA Bellevue Park with more subtle white dial and variety of straps, elegant black leather strap, decent grey leather strap or with a bolder gold mesh strap.
Representing elegance and minimalism, HODINA Kirkland is a piece of art, designed with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and Japanese Minolta clockwork, just like the rest of HODINA Watches. It is represented in our collection in two variants, with rose gold mesh strap and classic black leather strap.
Last but not least, for those of us who love a little detail, HODINA Redmond is significant for its polished dial with tiny detailings added on top of the refined design, and with two available straps, black leather strap and flawless black mesh strap.
If you like your HODINA Watch but would like to have more options on your hand, you can always purchase multiple watch accessories and change them around according to your outfit or mood.
And don’t hesitate to leave us a HODINA Watches review for us to pass on the praise to the creative duo behind this exquisite minimalist watch.
Frequently asked questions about HODINA Watches
What does HODINA mean?
Even though the brand HODINA Watches is from Seattle, the name clearly isn’t very English- origin like. The inspiration for the brand comes from Vadim’s father Vladimir, who started to work as a watch repair specialist at the age of 18.
Vadim’s family roots go back to Ukraine, where his father learnt the refined craft of clock repair and Vadim used to play in his father’s workshop for hours.
Hodina translates as an hour in Ukrainian and not only symbolises the craft but also represents the mission of the company perfectly.
What makes HODINA Watches so special compared to other minimalist watches?
Ironical as it is, even in the world of minimalism there can be an overwhelming amount of choices. So what makes the HODINA Watches so special compared to other similar products down the line?
Practically, it is its design paying attention to the smallest details to not only creating a minimalistic accessory but filling a missing piece in one’s minimalist lifestyle. The additional vegetable-leather or mesh straps make it easy to customize each watch to one’s personal preference.
Moreover, each piece is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass and Japanese Minolta clockwork ensuring the precision of each piece throughout its whole lifespan. The clock dials are made with attention to detailing and clean minimalistic lines.
Emotionally, HODINA created a watch that doesn’t force you to speed up, but on the contrary, to slow down for a while and appreciate everything you have and who you are. And that’s a value you cannot put a price on.

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