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If the most treasured value about minimalism is owning fewer possessions, we better make that possession count. Meaning that poor quality just won’t do anymore, if we want our things to last a lifetime and limit not only shopping for new things but also creating more waste with the ones we own.
So, it’s about time to own a few icons. And what kind of Scandi minimalist would we be if we haven’t mentioned Kanken Backpacks by Fjallraven on the top of the list? This iconic Swedish brand is known for its all-time best creation that perfectly hit the design pitch and needs of their consumers.
Although the brand was already on a pretty good path towards being well-established in Scandinavia, with the invention of Kanken Backpacks in 1978, Ake Nordin ensured that his brand would skyrocket to the global market. And little did he know back then, that Kanken would harvest that fame even 40 years later as one of the most iconic products ever introduced to the world.
Fjallraven’s Kanken Backpack is no cheap rucksack you get in a grocery store. This icon was born out of a concrete need and perfectly balanced efficiency with a design that was just about what people were looking for.
Back in the ‘70s, in Sweden, an ongoing issue occurred, that nobody seemed to be able to find the right creative approach to fix. A rapidly growing number of school kids were experiencing horrible back pains, caused by the popular one-shoulder bags, and no health advice seemed to change their minds to ditch the unhealthy habit. Well, it’s hard to fight the trends.
Until Ake, who as a teenager has struggled with a similar problem- and there goes the history of Fjallraven, figured out the way to approach school children. They all wanted to look cool, but at the same time didn’t want to hustle with their heavy backpacks every day.
The original Kanken bag was created by Fjallraven for children, to evenly distribute the weight on their back thanks to his lightweight and deceptively spacious backpack. But what really won them over was the rich variety of colours in which the Kanken Backpack has been produced, This way, even though everyone was wearing the same backpack, they could still express themselves personally through the colours.
Over time, Kanken found popularity among adults and older generations just as much, because they quickly figured out that what helps their children with school routines, helps them with day-to-day tasks.
And Kanken quickly took over the world. Not only throughout the ’80s, but also today, it is one of the most favourable accessories and the most iconic backpack anybody would think about. Maybe because of its simplicity, maybe because of the iconic story, who knows. We can only agree that it cannot be missed in any minimalistic household.
The design is seemingly simple with Kanken Backpack accessories limited to the minimum, which makes this backpack so approachable. The main storage area is an iconic shape, one simple zipper pocket in front, adjustable shoulder straps, and two straps on top of the bag to carry the bag around, or, once clipped together, practical for holding a jacket or part of your shopping.
Other than that, there is just one more addition and that’s the iconic logo stitched on the front of the bag.
Kanken classic size fits A4 school books, or for the modern times, Kanken fits also a laptop of both 13′ and 15′ measurements. Besides the classic size, this unique backpack nowadays comes in many other alterations, from Kanken Backpack Mini, Kanken Sling Bag to Kanken Totepack or Kanken Hip Pack.
Even though the Kanken Backpack sizes are different, the design has kept its significant look throughout the ages almost unaltered, and that’s what makes this brand even more unique.
Your new minimalist backpack Kanken at UPTOSTYLE
As a creative working minimalist, we can surely call the Fjallraven’s Kanken a laptop backpack, But other than your laptop, even the Kanken Mini is spacious enough to fit your favourite possessions, like your Memobottle or your favourite notebook from Els & Nel.
But among so many options, it can be difficult to find the best fit. So, read through some Kanken Backpack reviews, or consider which one would best fit and express your personality.
If you’re a minimalist traveller, maybe you want to choose the one that reminds you of your travels, like Kanken in Glacier Green or Blue Ringe or Kanken in Frost Green. And in case you’re more of a city admirer, Kanken in Ox Red or For Light Grey will be more your style.
If you care about nature, as we all should, and enjoy long walks, Kanken Backpack in Forest Green was definitely meant for you. For the more tender of us, Pastel Pink Fjallraven Kanken Backpack will fit our personality like a match made in heaven. On the contrary, if your style is more of a minimalistic monochrome pallet, we have for you Kanken Backpack in Black.
We simply curated a collection for you where everybody can find their significant design and on top of that, fall in love with this heavenly garment just like we did. We offer Kanken Backpack sales, depending on the season, so be on a lookout for your next catch.
As a true Scandi minimalist, we are surrounded by Kanken here in Copenhagen on a daily basis and still can’t get enough of its amazing style. So don’t worry about choosing wrong, because know how overwhelming many options can be. With Kanken Backpacks, you cannot go wrong.
Frequently asked questions about Kanken Backpack
What’s so special about Kanken Backpacks?
We talked about the essential design of this unique accessory over and over again, but once you’ll get your hand on it, it still surprises you how amazing it is. The practicality and unlimited usefulness of Kanken Backpacks are like nothing else we’ve ever seen.
Its spacious core can hold all your favourite belongings, and regardless of their weight, a Kanken Backpack will perfectly even out the weight on your back, so you won’t feel tired or hurting. Moreover, Kanken Backpack can hold your notebook safe from outdoor elements, as it is made of the top quality waterproof materials.
What does Kanken mean?
Both Fjallraven and Kanken meanings are closely connected to the purpose they are fulfilling through the garments they represent. In Swedish, kanken means “to carry” and so represents the backpack perfectly. Just like the product, its name is simple, yet exactly on point.
Fjallraven, a bit more complicated tongue twister, means “The Arctic Fox” and to be honest with you, we couldn’t imagine a more original or suited name for this brand. Just like the Arctic Fox can live through the toughest of seasons and still look graciously and beautiful, this backpack will live through generations, and still remain its unmistakable design and beauty.

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