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Kinfolk is an independent magazine founded on the principle of slow living. Since its launch back in 2011, it has developed somewhat of an auteur status, its minimalist styling and colour schemes having become instantly recognisable.

The magazine was created by married couple Nathan Williams and Katie Searle-WIlliams with their friends Doug and Paige Bischoff. They were interested in offering an alternative idea of what life as a young person should be, focusing on well-executed small gatherings. Over time, the theme transformed into something more profound – living with intention. 

Although the magazine began in Portland, it has now grown into a global phenomena, translated into four languages and sold in one hundred countries. Magazines are not all that Kinfolk produce either. There are a series of books as well as organised events for those who enjoy the Kinfolk style and way of living. 

The magazine is released quarterly, each issue based on a different topic. 
Kinfolk at UPTOSTYLE
Here at UPTOSTYLE, we stock a range of Kinfolk products including both their magazines and books. The magazines we stock go from their ‘The Adrenaline Issue’ which was issue nineteen, right up to their most recent one. 

Their nineteenth issue was first published in Spring of 2016 and focuses on what the feeling of adrenaline pumping around our bodies does to our quality of life. The issue celebrates all the ways that we as humans seek out thrills and the link between our body and mind in these moments. 

Their most recent issue ‘Change’ explores how our lives can be improved if only we resist standing still. It encourages its readers to push against feelings of fear, self-doubt and loss. Instead, we should do the things that challenge us and see just how far they take us. 

The theme for each of the issues is explored through photography and essays. The lifestyle and entertaining content is also geared towards the theme, picking out elements of the emotions that go along with it and applying them more widely to how people might live their lives. The magazine even includes Kinfolk recipes which respond to the motif of each issue. 

Each of their issues are also formatted with the typical Kinfolk magazine layout and Kinfolk fonts which they have become famous for. Their layout style is dominated by the use of white space and strict grid systems. This helps the content on the page feel ordered without being overwhelming to the eyes. 

The Kinfolk style photography also has a specific aesthetic, often sticking to producing their photos in black and white. Again, a minimalist amount of white space is left around the central focus of the image. If the photographer does use colour, it’s often restrained to a small number of tones, making for a striking, easy to read final product. 

UPTOSTYLE also stocks a number of the Kinfolk books which follow the same aesthetic. The first is The Touch, written by Kinfolk in collaboration with Norm Architects. This publication seeks to prove the premise that good design is not only visually appealing but pleases the other human senses too. 

The book uses examples from twenty five different spaces to prove this point, looking into how design elements can improve our quality of life. It also includes interviews with design industry leaders such as David Thulstrup, Juhani Pallasmaa, and John Pawson. It also connects its findings with the deeper, academic conclusions such as colour theory.

The Eye is another of the books within the Kinfolk collection. This publication explores exactly what its title suggests – how we develop an ‘eye’ for design, specifically from the point of view of the World’s most influential Creative Directors. 

The book explores design from all angles, interviewing world-renowned fashion designers, editorial directors, and tastemakers. It is invaluable for creatives of any profession, especially those on the winding path towards what they believe looks just right.

We also stock The Kinfolk Table and The Kinfolk Home that are both publications exploring elements of interior design. The Kinfolk Table contains recipes, narratives, and an international adventure! 

The Kinfolk books are each beautifully designed and take a wonderful place in your home. The same goes for the magazines too.
FAQs about Kinfolk
Is it possible to get a Kinfolk magazine subscription?
Yes! Here at UPTOSTYLE, we do offer a subscription package which keeps your needs for some slow life content topped up throughout the year. There are four issues published annually which means that altogether, the subscription saves you almost 20%. 

This sort of package also makes for a brilliant present for a loved one who is into minimalist design and living. Suddenly, there’s a cause for celebration all the way round the year. 
What is Kinfolk’s logo?
Kinfolk’s logo is simply its name in a minimalist serif typeface. This typeface is called Optimus Princeps and has the same wittly, natural movement to it as the branches of trees. 
What other products does Kinfolk create?
Apart from their magazines and books, Kinfolk produces other items which fit perfectly into their collection. For example, they’ve produced a line of Kinfolk art – beautifully simple photographic prints which follow with the aesthetic of the magazine. 

Kinfolk also produces its language in other languages to keep up with the global interest in the magazine. The interest from other countries really picked up when they released their eighth issue, the Kinfolk Japan Issue. After this, the magazine began to be produced in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 
How does the Kinfolk aesthetic translate to clothing?
The Kinfolk clothing style follows the aesthetic of the magazine – pastel colour blocking and minimalist detailing. This means that a Kinfolk style outfit might be a classic silhouette made up from subtle, pastel shades. The styling in many of their shoots follows this formula too.  
Which other magazines are similar to Kinfolk?
There are a number of magazines which have a similar aesthetic to Kinfolk. Cereal Magazine is a travel and style magazine which has a similar beautifully-muted and simplistic theme running throughout it. Cereal also touches on many of the same themes that Kinfolk does as they are both interested in style and design. 

Cereal magazine is also stocked here at UPTOSTYLE. It is a biannual magazine and we currently have volumes ten to nineteen in stock. We also have a number of their city guides which feature beautiful, minimalist photography and maps, ready to guide you around for a weekend away. 
How else can I keep up with Kinfolk?
Kinfolk have a very popular Instagram profile where they post about their latest issues and stories as well as raising awareness about artists who fit within their aesthetic. They also post images from their issues, introducing the profiles they present in their magazines. 

They sometimes provide quotes in the caption too, giving you a taster of what appears inside. There are Instagram links to the people they have collaborated with so you can grow your own network of accounts which stimulate you. Go to Kinfolk Magazine Instagram and search their account for inspiring photography and words. 

They also have a dedicated Instagram profile for their events if you want to stay on top of when you might be able to go to a meet up.

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