• Feb182021

    The Only Guide You Will Need for Spring

    Spring always brings a feeling of renewal and freshness. But it can also be a bit confusing time when we are searching for a change in our lives. That’s why UPTOSTYLE prepared the only guide you’ll need this spring to stay on track!

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  • Sep132019

    The minimalist traveller – how to travel with less

    Travelling is one of the best things in life and is always a great adventure. Though packing is a crucial part of the topic, there is actually no need to make it a stressful issue. In this guide, we list you the best tips on how to travel with less.

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  • Jul022019
    capsule wardrobe essential

    Capsule Wardrobe: 10 Essential Pieces For A Killer Minimalist Style

    Let’s crawl inside your closet and see if you have the basics to build a skeleton for your everyday look.

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  • May022019
    Spring detoxifying

    The big spring detoxifying guide

    Do you also feel the soft touch of spring breezes on your face these days? And the ecstatic flower scent that crosses your path on every corner? There is nothing better than feeling the resurgence in the trees, in the scents, in the clouds and most importantly, in our body. The magic of spring is always in the changes – this time is about new opportunities and fresh starts, while awaking from the winter tiredness, replacing it with exuberance. In order to revive yourself, now we list you some tips to clear your body both from the harmful toxins and negative vibes too.

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  • Mar122018

    This is why you need to change from being a night owl to a morning bird

    If we have a look at the routine of the highly successful people we can definitely see a pattern. They are early risers! Sometimes it is hard to believe that there are people on this planet leading multinational companies and still manage to have a family, friends, and normal life things, you know.

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  • Dec142017

    Minimalist Christmas Spirit

    At this time of the year you decorate and shop as much as you can, don’t you? Your last Christmas was panic and chaos? We will discuss in the article all the DOs and DONT’s in order to be full of minimalist Christmas spirit this year.

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  • Dec132017

    AMOV Apparel – Danish sustainable and ethical brand

    AMOV – one of the brands in Danmark, that implement the requirements for keeping the environment healthy with high-quality fabrics, organic materials & more …

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  • Nov062017

    Can cleaning be fun? – Pure Effect Sweden

    When we first saw the products of Pure Effect, our first thought was that it’s a really nice looking brand who sells regular cleaning products. But then we made some research and it turned out, it’s far from an ordinary brand.

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  • Jul222017

    How it was like being a model in the 90’s – Interview with Jenneke Tesselaar

    Amsterdam-born Jenneke Tesselaar – today a succesful violinist – did not know that she in her teenage years would be discovered by one of the leading model agencies and appear on several huge magazine covers. Read our interview with Jenneke to find out more about her life.

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