Surely all of you read our review of The Memobottle, our favourite sustainable water bottle from Melbourn, Australia. This unique product was born out of nothing less than a desire for a better future and cleaner world.
The co-founders, Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt saw first-hand the devastating effect of single-use plastic on our oceans. Something that unfortunately is not an odd phenomenon nowadays not only in the country “down-under” but everywhere around the world.
Memobottle is here to save the future of our nature and restore the so necessary balance. This unique square water bottle is significant for its impeccable design and practically you’ve never seen before.
Many of us have asked a question ”what is the best collapsible water bottle”, one that would fit into a packed school bag or wouldn’t hinder throughout our busy days. Back in 2014, Memobottle came with a solution that just blew our minds.
Coming in different sizes, this notebook-like water bottle is a best friend of any minimalist that loves nature and wants to leave a different kind of impact than dirt and pollution. It is no surprise that Memobottle has its roots in Australia, the country most impacted by the worsening effect of climate change.
Except for protecting our nature, Memobottle carries out another blissful task. Staying hydrated throughout the day can be a challenge for many of us, especially with dozen other things to follow up on. With one of the biggest water bottles, yet efficient and chic, you’ll be on the top of your game!
There’s nothing like a Memobottle alternative, this water bottle is the one and only for an eco-conscious minimalist. The design is made to fit your laptop or notebook case and on the contrary to any other water bottle, you will actually want to carry the Memobottle around with you.
Another benefit of this timeless bottle is its photogenic flat design. take a look at Memobottle Instagram account for inspiration, you’ll see that this water bottle is camera-ready for your own creative flat-lays. Due to its transparent design and exchangeable lid, you can match any layout and take your next eye-catching picture.
The design of the mottle on its own is exquisite, but that’snot all Memobottle has in store for you! Memobottle accessories are at least just as charming as the water bottle itself. And one would never expect something as simple and ordinary as a water bottle to actually has such specific features.
Among our favourite ones is definitely the Memobottle leather sleeve. This unique accessory adds a designer touch to your Memobottle, available in all sizes and made of premium grained leather developed in collaboration in Australian luxury brand Kinnon, with quality stitching and treated edging to fit your Memobottle like a glove!
Memobottle sleeves have a really cool look and even more exciting added feature of a stitched side pocket that will carry around your phone, so you can be ready to take the next perfect alluring picture.
Together with the Memobottle sleeve, there are several other exciting accessories to not only protect your favourite water bottle but to also add even more style and class to it. Just like a variety of exchangeable lids, from clear to even metallic copper design, or leather lanyards in a different colour for easier carry.
Memobottle, your next favourite water bottle, at UPTOSTYLE
Clearly, we are not only excited by the impeccable design of the Memobottle. This unique flat-pack water bottle has other features that made us fall in love with it. But believe us though when we say, it was love at first sight! Memobottle is simply one of those things you buy once and you will never let go. And certainly, you don’t even have to.
Unlike regular single-use water bottles, Memobottle doesn’t burden the environment, because its lifespan is basically unlimited until you physically destroy it. But let’s be honest! Once you buy your first Memobottle, you would protect it with your life.
Since convenience is usually the reason for human recklessness and negative impact on nature, there is a solution that is equally convenient, yet million times more beautiful. And Memobottle checks all the boxes.
All Memobottle water bottles are made of durable BPA free materials, and even if you would, for unknown reasons, one day decide that you want to throw your Memobottle away, the materials used are 100% recyclable. As sustainability and minimalism go hand in hand, Memobottle perfectly balances eco-friendly solutions with remarkable design. It’s definitely a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
As we decided to make the choices easier for you, we curated a collection of the best of Memobottle, with their top selection of products. At UPTOSTYLE, you can get your self Memobottle A5, with the biggest capacity of 750 ml, Memobottle A6 with a capacity of 375 ml, or Memobottle A7, their tiny sis with a capacity of 180 ml.
This makes the A7 water bottle a perfect companion not only for casual hangouts with your friends but also for a quick morning run. And as for the Memobottle of 750 ml, which may seem quite a lot to carry around? honestly, what is an A5 water bottle when you need refreshment for a busy day? At least we are finally encouraged to keep ourselves happy and healthy. If there would be Memobottle A4, that’s what we should all be carrying around.
Last but not least, there is Memobottle slim, a design that soothes even the most demanding among us. With a capacity of 450 ml and classic slim design, it will be your best to-go friend.
Frequently asked questions about The Memobottle
How do you clean Memobottle?
Just like any other water bottle, it is fairly easy to keep your Memobottle clean if you are willing to put a bit of effort toward sustaining your things. If you want to learn little tips and tricks read through some of the Memobottle reviews. People are pretty resourceful when they want to.
Otherwise, here is our quick guide to keeping your Memobottle spotless, like it was intended to be. A great and efficient solution is to use vinegar solution (1 part vinegar and 4 parts water) or you can opt for water bottle cleaning tablets that should be available in any local pharmacy.
However, the most efficient way is to rinse your Memobottle daily and just put it into use. Top it up with fresh water and you’re good to go!
In what sizes has the Memobottle been designed?
Once you check the Memobottle stockist, you’ll surely see that the demand is overwhelming. Among any collapsible or flat water bottles in the UK, Memobottle is definitely number one. So it is no surprise if from time to time you won’t be able to find some of your favourite designs out there.
But no worries, it’ll surely come back and be available for you to use as a perfect gift that it makes as well as to cheer yourself with a perfect addition to your minimalist collection.
Except for the four designs that we introduced in our collection, Memobottle offers various combinations of their products as well as different accessories and gift cards. You may even get your hands on Memobottle discount codes if you’re lucky enough.
This company simply makes our hearts sing praises and our lives feel better!

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