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We saw it a million times before and probably will see it again. Recurring trends, coming back into fashion after decades. So who started the hair clip trend? Back in 2018, fashion giants like Prada and Mansur Gavriel set up a new trend with hair accessories, that have been popular back in the ‘90s and now made their grand return.
The best part of this upcoming trend was definitely that you did not have to alter your hair at all. The accessories were in the centre of the attention, and yo your hair length was just a canvas on which you could play around and go crazy with anything that you came across in your accessories drawer.
One of the trends that made the comeback, and definitely will be staying for a long time, are pearl hair clips. The ’90s accessories along with the ’90s fashion were anything but subtle. So it is no surprise that with their return, the market and the internet blogs have been overflown by oversized pearl hair clips.
Styling hair clips is a task that leaves you with plenty of space for your imagination. Whether your hair is long or short, you can use both large pearl hair clips or small, depending on the outfit you’re wearing and if you want the pearl hair clips trend to be in the centre of attention.
Pearl hair clips can accessorize any outfit, from casual summer clothes to wedding dress. The question is how to wear pearl hair clips so it does not seem excessive or forced? We collected the best of hair accessories for you into one collection and now we are going to share our professional tips and tricks on styling hair clips.
Gorgeous pearl hair clips at UPTOSTYLE
Pearl hair clips are now a must-have essential for everyone who follows trends, but we should always keep in mind the minimalistic approach to fashion. That is exactly why we put the best of the pearl hair clips into one collection to narrow your search. And now it is just up to you to choose the ones!
If you don’t dare to go as bold as pearl headbands or Rodarte’s strings of pearls from their SS20 collection, you should definitely go for pearl clips. They can be subtle and delicate and yet dress up your outfit in a single pin.
Getting real pearl hair clips is not only financially exhausting but unless you are buying from a well-tried brand, it can also be anything but sustainable. Real pearls are a rare article and their harvesting from nature comes with a price.
So, this may be the only time you are actually allowed to buy something fake. Faux-pearls will do the job just as well as the real ones and minimalism and sustainability will keep their place on top of your shopping cart.
First of all, pearl hair clips hairstyles are literally the thing you want to try if you feel like experimenting a bit this summer. With single pearl hairpins, you can never go wrong. They are meant for a romantic outfit but add a couple more of them and you will transform your style into something bold and eye-catching, perfect even as bridal hair accessories.
Small pearl hair clips make a perfect hair accessory for shorter hair or just to pair with a casual outfit, when you want something extra, but just not so much of it. But as we said, there are no limits and no rules. Feel free to style larger pearl hair clips even for short hair, it’s definitely more fun.
If you are aiming for something fancier, combining different sets and colours of hairpins will, sure enough, bring attention to your hairstyle. Just keep in mind the practicality of it. With this styling, you sure do not want to spend a whole day walking around. It is, however, perfect for a special occasion or an extravagant event.
To ease off your mind from deciding which pearl clips are the best ones, in our collection you can find pearl hair clips sets that will give you plenty of options to combine, or just choose your favourite one by one.
Our personal favourite is Retro beaded hair clip set of 4, with one retro beaded clip, one french beaded clip and two classic pins. With our Retro beaded hair clip of 3, you can opt for one retro beaded clip and two beaded pins. If you want to try something more subtle for the beginning, you can get a set of 2 Pearl hairpins.
But you will have the most fun combining the pearl hair clips of your choice, that is why we also have single pearl hair clips for you to choose from.
Starting off with classic retro buckle hair clip and squared retro buckle hair clip, both perfect for simple hairstyles or to accessorize a sleek hair bun. When it comes to hairpins, we have four different designs for you to choose from: small floral wave pearl hairpin or a large one in the same style, tiara wave pearl hair clip or twisted wave pearl hair clip. All of our pearl hair clips are amazing to combine either with each other or together with different designs.
And while looking for an accessory more colourful or playful to combine with the pearl hair clips, you may want to check out our Hairpins collection for many more exciting designs, like this marble pink or safari brown buckles.
Frequently asked questions about pearl hair clips
How to style a pearl hair clip?
As long as you are not afraid to experiment, you can style your pearl hair clips with any other accessories in any way imaginable. For shorter hair, pinning your front strands of hair is a simple and beautiful way to style the hair clips. Or accessorizing a small hair bun with a set on aside.
For long hair, try to add several pearl hair clips at the time to create a show stopper of a hairstyle. If you want something more subtle, how about a simple french braid and two or three pearl hair clips to make things more interesting?
Which pearl hair clip to buy?
Well, this is really up to your preference when it comes to style. Just remember, that like any other trend, this one may be addictive as well. And the whole idea of capsule wardrobe and simplicity and minimalism will go out the window.
So do not buy anything just to buy something. Decide which pearl hair clips you like the most and are easily combined with the rest of your accessories and clothes. Then you will have a piece for a lifetime, not just a frustrating clutter in your drawer.
The only case when you really want to reach out after something more pricey may be while buying pearl hair clips as a wedding accessory. But even in that case, reusing the ones you already have for everyday use is totally okay.
And last but not least, care about the quality of the product and the company you are buying from. Because nothing is more frustrating than carefully picking a piece and then receiving something that by far does not meet our expectations.
How to use pearl hair clips on short hair?
The length of your hair does not really play a role when it comes to most of the hair accessories. So no worries while choosing your pearl hair clips. It is a simple design piece that can work its way around any hairstyle.

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