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After it was founded in 2012, Rains has become the contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand, providing a range of clothing and accessories to help you fare the wet weather.
Rains was formed on a simple idea – what happens if you try to reinterpret traditional rubber raincoats in a contemporary way? It’s easy to see this thread of influence passing through each of their pieces, their bags as well as their clothing.
Being true to its Scandinavian roots, each Rains design is committed to perfect simplicity. Their bags are minimalist whilst not compromising on functionality. As is in the name, each of them is ready to withstand any weather. They are made for real life.
So, whether you have your eye on the Rains weekend bag, Rains travel bag, or one of their other designs, style and practicality is ensured.
Rains backpack products sold at UPTOSTYLE
Here at UPTOSTYLE, we stock a full range of Rains bag products in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.
Out of their designs, the classic Rains waterproof backpacks are their most popular. They are boxy in shape and come with a simple black strap and clip fastening to make sure that the items inside stay dry. This design has become iconic within Scandinavian circles thanks to the simplicity of its design.
These bags are made from a water-resistant fabric which has a matte finish. It is made up from 50% polyurethane and 50% polyester. The fabric has a column pressure of 8000mm meaning that it is waterproof in regular intensity weather.
These bags are also a little larger than a normal rucksack as their dimensions are 28.5cm x 47cm x 10cm. This means that you can easily fit in your belongings for a long day outside of the house. The bag also has adjustable straps making it easy to fit to any body type.
We also stock a number of their smaller bags such as the Rains backpack mini rose-coloured design. This bag shares its design with its big sister but has smaller dimensions measuring 40cm x 28cm x 9cm.
Even though it’s a smaller size, this bag can still fit a 13” laptop inside and even has a special casing inside for one. It also has a main case to put your important folders and papers and a small zippered back pocket. The Rains backpack mini in charcoal is another popular colour way for this size.
The unisex Rains Msn bag is another twist on the standard rucksack and acts almost like a Rains messenger bag. This design is shorter but wider than the other designs, giving it a signature look. From Rains msn bag reviews, we know that people find this bag especially useful for weekends away if you’re travelling light. You have a lot of flexibility with the size whilst maintaining the comfort of having your luggage on your back.
For another twist on the rucksack style, take a look at one of the Rains field bag reviews. The bag is a more typical-looking rucksack with rounded edges but is still made of the same waterproof fabric.
The Rains Mountaineer bag reviews are also brilliant. This bag has a much more utilitarian look, with drawstrings at the front that you can fasten items to and a water pouch on the side. This piece is also a little bigger and is able to hold a laptop of either 13” or 15”. You don’t have to be heading up a mountain to put this on your back!
If you’re into the larger style bags, there are a number of other designs which may take your fancy. We have the Rains weekend tote which works brilliantly as a weekender bag you can throw all your stuff into.
We’ve found that the Rains weekend bag in black and the Rains weekend bag in blue are the most popular as they’re super versatile. The darker colourway also goes with any outfit meaning you can use them no matter the season or style you’re going for.
The Rains weekend duffel is also a brilliant choice as it has a detachable shoulder strap. This means that you can choose whichever way you want to wear it, depending on what’s most comfortable for you.
Again, the main material is the signature waterproof blend. The handles are made out of webbing material which is a strong, woven fabric chosen for your comfort.
There are a number of oher styles available on the UPTOSTYLE shop. Take a look at our full collection and work out which of the Rains bags is the best fit for you and your routine.
Frequently asked questions about Rains backpacks
Where to buy Rains backpack?
You can buy Rains backpacks here from the UPTOSTYLE webshop. Browse through our styles and add them to your basket!
How do I clean my Rains bags?
Because of the waterproof material Rains bags are made out of, it’s possible to simply wipe the outside of the bags clean. You can do this by using a damp cloth. Mix some hand soap with warm water if some of the marks are more stubborn. For a backpack, this is a brilliant and unusual quality!
If you’d like to clean out the interior of the bag, you can also wipe it clean, though it may take a little more scrubbing than the exterior. This is because the fabric is not as smooth.
Again, mix some standard soap with warm water and use a cloth. It is unlikely you will have to clean anything major from inside the bag thanks to its waterproof coating.
Is there a hidden pocket inside each bag?
Many of the Rains rucksacks have a secret pocket on the underside of the bag. This way, you can store valuables in a pocket which people can’t see as it will be pressed against your back. This is especially useful if you are cycling and worried about the security of your bag whilst stopped waiting for traffic.
The pocket also has a waterproof seal on the zip so you don’t need to worry about any important valuables getting damaged whilst they’re being hidden away. The Rains zip bags are completely practical.
There is also a zipper pocket on the inside of most Rains bags so you don’t lose small items in the abyss of your belongings.
When can I wear Rains backpacks?
Thanks to their amazing selection of designs, there is a Rains bag for almost any occasion. Take the Rains large travel backpack as an example, this bag can either take you on a weekend away or a well-prepared day around town. Because of the simple design, it looks in place in almost any scenario.
According to Rains weekend bag reviews, this design is also used in so many different settings. Yes, it can be used for a weekend away, but what about as a gym bag? Or a handy storage bag you can keep your winter clothes in? The options are endless with these useful designs.
What is the Rains logo?
The Rains logo is of a small lighthouse. The symbolism is clear. Each of the Rains products acts as your shining light through a rainy day giving you no need to worry or be pessimistic if the weather is acting up. In fact, Rains specifically states that they want their products to be a celebration of the opportunity which lies in a rainy day.
Which other Rains items are popular?
Rains are also well-known for their clothing, especially their waterproof ponchos. These are also available here on the UPTOSTYLE website. It’s possible to buy pieces which match with each other – the perfect, waterproof combination.

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