Rains Raincoat

As its name suggests, Rains is a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand, producing the best in waterproof clothing and accessories since the year 2012.
Back before it was launched, the Rains creator Philip Lotko was caught up with one simple question – what happens if you take traditional rubber raincoats but update them, reinterpreting them in a contemporary way? They soon had their answer in the form of their very first Rains poncho.
Taking inspiration from rainwear archives whilst staying true to its Scandinavian roots, Rains raincoats are minimalist and sleek. There’s also no way that they’re compromising on practicalities. These raincoats withstand the heaviest of showers, keeping you feeling light even if the heavens decide to pour.
Each of the designs are made for real life. So, rest assured, you can rely on your Rains raincoat to be the best rain jacket for you any day of the year.
Rains raincoats at UPTOSTYLE
Here at UPTOSTYLE, we have a number of different styles of Rains raincoat and in different colours too.
To begin, we have the classic Rains long hooded raincoat. This piece has a classic design with popper buttons, a drawstring hood, and two handy pockets on the front of the jacket.
As with many of their pieces, this jacket is made from a lightweight, water-resistant fabric. It is 64% polyester and 36% polyurethane. It has a water column pressure of 4000mm/cm2, meaning that it is ideal for moderate precipitation.
The jacket is also windproof, has double/welded seams to keep water out, and its hardware is made from stainless steel. This means that they are durable and will not rust. The hood also has a small cap on it meaning that your face is protected from water droplets and from the beat of the sun.
The longer length of the jacket also makes it really useful for keeping more of your body dry, especially if you cycle around town. It is practical but, thanks to its minimalist design, it is also a pleasure to wear.
Another design we stock is the Rains curve jacket, reviews of which have been very popular. This is a piece of rain brand women’s clothing thanks to the flattering belt which can be tied around the middle. It is in the style of Rains trench jackets.
Again, this piece is made of the same water-resistant fabric and has a hood to keep you dry. The length is also a little longer meaning you get more protection from the jacket. We stock this style in black and pink.
For another more feminine design, we have the Rains overcoat in deep blue. Even though this piece is made from technical fabric, it looks effortlessly elegant. It has a broad collar and tie waist, taking inspiration from women’s trench coats. Just take a look at the Rains raincoat reviews / this is a really popular style.
If you are looking for a Rains short jacket, you might like to take a look at the Breaker jacket. This design is made from the same waterproof material with a matte finish. It also has waterproof zippers to keep anything you store on your person dry too.
For this style, we stock yellow, green, and black colourways. The yellow jacket is a true homage to traditional raincoats. It is understood that raincoats are traditionally made in this colour because of the linen mill they were first made in.
The factory made linen sails for ships which needed to be waterproof to withstand the oceans. They used linseed oil to do this which gave the fabrics their yellowish colour. It caught on and the tradition still stands up to this day.
If you prefer to keep your look more minimal, you can go for one of the other colourways instead. This rain brand clothing line makes space for people who adopt all matters of styles. Many of the pieces are also unisex so they work as clothing for rain mens as well,
Another of the unisex pieces is the Rains N3 parka. This piece looks a little more utilitarian than their other designs thanks to its cuff sleeves, drawstring at the bottom of the jacket, and additional chest zip pocket. It gives off the impression of tech wear. The piece still has the signature Rains slanting pockets however and are made of the same waterproof fabric.
If you’re looking for an accessory to go along with your raincoat, take a look at the Rains bonnie bucket hat. The piece is inspired by the sort of hat usually worn by the military forces. It’s wide brim makes sure that the rain stays well away from your face. Once more, the hat is made from waterproof fabric with a matte finish meaning it goes perfectly with other Rains products.
The hat also has two strings at the bottom meaning you can fasten it to yourself. This is especially useful if you are cycling with the hat or going on long walks in the great outdoors. It is practical and stylish.
FAQs about Rains raincoats
How do you wash your Rains raincoat?
It is possible to wash your Rains raincoat in the way you would with normal clothes. Only, you need to make sure that you wash it on a regular wash program at 30 degrees. Also, it is not necessary to use softener and this may damage the jacket.
Leave the jacket to air dry naturally. You could do this by placing it on a hanger in a well ventilated room so that it keeps its shape well. It’s also possible to hang it lengthways on a drying rack if you would prefer to let it dry this way.
If you like to have a perfect, wrinkle/free exterior to your jacket, you can iron it. Do this by ironing from the inside of the jacket. This way, the outer side will not get damaged but will still feel the effects of the iron.
Which other items are popular from Rains?
Rains backpacks are another very popular item from the company. We stock backpacks here at UPTOSTYLE as well. We stock both their classic rucksacks as well as their more alternative styles. Many of them are boxy and minimalist though some styles have a more utilitarian edge too.
The Rains holographic jacket is another popular style. It takes the same silhouette as usual jackets from Rains company, only the colour changes in the light. The Rains holographic raincoat is available with a number of colourways as the base, most notably black and beige.
There is also a Rains holographic backpack to match. The main difference from the normal colourway is that these backpacks are not matte. Instead, they have a shiny surface which allows the light to shine from it. You could wear your Rains holographic overcoat and backpack together to really stand out from the crowd.
Also in their collection is a Rains puffer jacket, reviews of which are brilliant. The design is made up from insulated, woven chambers with the classic Rains waterproof material on the outside.
The jackets also come in a number of colours – black, blue, and green – and they are unisex. The insulation is also featherless, meaning that they are a vegan option. The jackets have durable rubber trimmings and a hood, making sure that every bit of the jacket is watertight.

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