Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups have become a modern staple. Not only do they save on plastic waste, they can also keep your drinks hotter for longer, maintain the pureness of flavour, and are small enough to fit in your bag.
The cups come in many different materials, each of which have a set of unique properties. Whether it be stainless steel, bamboo, plastic, or glass, your keep cup is helping to minimise the amount we throw away each year.
Using a reusable cup therefore means that less trees will have to be cut down and gallows of water will not be wasted. It also means that the chlorine used to bleach paper cups won’t be having a detrimental effect on the environment. In some coffee shops, you even get a discount to say thanks!
Here at UPTOSTYLE, our collection of reusable coffee cups come from the company Frank Green. They are minimalist in design but don’t compromise on functionality. Take a look for yourself.
Reusable coffee cups at UPTOSTYLE
Frank Green is a company which was founded in Australia in 2013. Although the company may sound like it’s named after a person, it isn’t. Instead, it’s named after an ideology, and a green one at that.
Frank Green believes that it’s time to be frank about sustainability. They got a team of people together who were all interested in green innovation and considered how we can easily incorporate more sustainable choices into our lives. After some time with lots of ideas going backwards and forwards, they landed on their idea – a sleek and stylish coffee cup which will save so much environmental damage.
Each of the reusable coffee tumblers are made from stainless steel making them brilliant reusable hot beverage cups. The cups also have a ceramic layer inside the double bracket of stainless steel to further boost the temperature-lasting ability of the cup. In fact, these cups can keep liquid hot or cold for ten hours! This makes them the perfect reusable iced coffee cup too.
Of course, they are reusable cups with lids meaning that there are less spillages. The way the lid works means that even if you do knock the cup over, it is unlikely to spill.
The lid works with button technology meaning you simply press down a button to let the liquid flow from out of it. This means that Frank Green coffee cups are even safe to throw into your bag for the day. You don’t need to worry about any liquid getting out.
The cups are also recyclable at the end of their lives so even once you’ve stopped using it, you don’t need to worry about it ending up in landfill. Instead, you can send it on its way to be made into the next thing. Let’s hope that item is sustainable too.
The Frank Green coffee cups come in a number of different colours and sizes. Here at UPTOSTYLE, we stock all three of their sizes. They have the small cup which is 6oz or 175ml, the regular cup which is 10oz or 295ml, and the large cup which is 16oz or 475ml.
You also have the option to choose your colourway for your cup. It’s possible to choose the base and lid colour independently of one another, making the finished product truly unique to you. So if a white reusable coffee cup or a rainbow coloured one is more your style, you have the freedom to choose for yourself.
Black reusable coffee cups with lids are very popular because of their sleek design. The same can be said for white coffee mugs with lids. It’s up to you what you choose.
The range from Frank Green are some of the best reusable hot and cold cups with lids on the market. So, if you’d like a cute reusable cup to satisfy your thirst for both caffeine and good environmental practice, Frank Green is the cup you should go for. Take a look at our selection, mix and match the colours, and have fun with it!
FAQS about Reusable Coffee Cups
How to clean your reusable to go coffee cups with lids?
To keep your cup in the best condition possible, it’s a good idea to rinse it after each use. This means that the cup won’t get grimy with hidden bits of drink hiding between the different layers of the cup.
For when you want to give your cup a more thorough clean, the original base and lids of Frank Green cups are dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can just place it in with the rest of your dishes. Make sure that you un-pop the lid before you put it in. This way, the water will be able to clean inside the spout of the lid as well.
However, the stainless steel and ceramic bases are not dishwasher safe. To clean them, you should instead rinse them with warm soapy water and then leave them to air dry. Do this with the lid off so the whole cup has the chance to dry on its own.
If you’d like, you can also disassemble your cup from time to time to give it a completely thorough clean. To do this, follow these instructions:
Unscrew the nut on the underside of the lid.
Then, pull the seal out of place.
Next, turn the lid over and the button should be free to come out of place.
Underneath the button, the spring will now be free.
Then, you can pull out the cog and then the ring.
The lid is now disassembled and you can wash each of the pieces individually. Make sure you keep track of all of them.
What’s the difference between a Frank Green Cup and a normal plastic coffee cup?
Frank Green products are 100% recyclable, meaning that you never have to feel guilty if it comes to the end of its life. Instead, you can just separate the different parts of the cup and put them in the recycling. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from reusable plastic coffee cups with lids just in case they end up in landfill too.
Some other materials are also popular for coffee cups such as bamboo reusable coffee cups. However, some studies have shown that the ground up bamboo can leach toxic substances into hot drinks. With the Frank Green cups, you know that they are 100% safe.
What other reusable coffee cup products are popular?
Frank Green also has some other products such as their reusable bottles. They work similarly to the coffee cups but are bigger. You can get them in the typical stainless steel but also in plastic. The plastic ones are made from a fully recyclable co-polymer.
Some people prefer larger sizes, such as a 20 oz reusable coffee cup. If this is you, you may want to go for the reusable bottle design instead as this carries more liquid.
Frank Green has also recently come out with reusable tumblers which are fitted with payment technology meaning you can even pay for your coffee with your cup!

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