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Fortunately, in the past few years, we could see the rise of eco-activism and people actively raising awareness about the importance of protecting our nature. With this said, it’s many times that the proven impact on our own health makes us change our minds and go the more sustainable way.
A huge part of Scandinavian culture is the hygge phenomenon, and an inseparable part of it is candles. On average, Scandinavians light up 5-7 candles every day of the week, for obvious reasons. It transforms your home into a calm oasis.
During the fast-paced times we live in right now, it is really important to just slow down for a minute and make a nice relaxing evening for yourself. Candles are definitely the best way to create a perfectly balanced atmosphere.
But not all the candles are the same, and since we all care about the environment, we know that even the small things matter. Plus, by now probably everyone knows that classic paraffin wax candles are pretty toxic for our health. So, what is the better option?
We got you covered on this one. Soy candles are just about as popular as hygge itself now, and we could not be more excited! There are countless options of scents and designs you can find on the market, but one thing they all have in common is that they are way better for nature and for yourself as well!
Probably most of us ever came across some sort of making your own candle. And while handmade soy candles may be really relaxing activity for some, and you can even find soy candles making a kit out there, with the number of options you can pretty easily get yourself one online. And even support a small business.
So what is so magical about soy candles and why is suddenly everybody obsessed? There are several reasons, just from the top of our heads, that we can share instantly with you. But let’s have a closer look at some of the soy wax benefits and the best soy candles brands.
Soy candles at UPTOSTYLE
With all the products overflowing the market, and our brains, right now, it can get pretty difficult to find the right 100 percent soy candles. Even more so when you do not have an overview of what exactly you should be looking for and what soy wax is the perfect one to use.
Here are some of the soy wax benefits that we have put together for you. Natural soy candles are an off-white colour, have a lower melting point than paraffin wax, which means that normally they come in a container and distribute scents less than paraffin candles, which will definitely cause less headache.
The scent and melting point attributes add extra points to soy candles compared to their paraffin companions. While there are small differences in the soot production, soy wax is still considered to be the superior one.
If you are sensitive to strong smells, it is, of course, possible to find unscented soy candles. This might be the best option for you. But as we already mentioned, soy wax gives out quite a subtle scent even when fragranced, so you do not have to be worried about headaches from soy candles.
This makes soy candles the perfect option for bigger spaces, like coffee shops or restaurants. They will not turn the place into an intoxicating shed where people faint after 10 minutes because of the strong fragrance. So consider soy candles wholesale next time you are finishing details on your new business venture.
As soy candles became popular, they expanded everywhere as part of the global initiative towards more sustainable and ecological production. The soy candles from the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States are some of our favourites, including one of the best known independent candle companies P.F. Candle.
These sustainable candles from Los Angeles, that on top of creating an amazing product support number of charities with the proceeds from the sales, have been a hit on the market for the past few years and we know why.
This brand was introduced back in 2008 and since then dominated not only the market across the pond but acquired popularity on the European market as well. Especially well is the concept of sustainable candles doing in London, and so soy candles in the UK became one of the best selling home decor pieces.
Of course, you can find some cheap vegan candles in the UK, but always be careful about the wax composition of the candles. In order to be sustainable and not to harm your own health, you are looking for 100% soy wax candles. Only those will ensure the top quality you are looking for.
Most of the brands, including the P.F. Candle Co. are producing soy candles that are vegan, and so do not contain any traces of beeswax in the candles and did not harm any animals in the production.
Eco-friendly vegan soy candles are the new way to create true hygge vibes in your home without harming yourself or nature. And if you want to be all in, P.F. Candles produce non-toxic candles, which is unfortunately not a matter of course in many cases.
These hand-poured soy candles are the best option as aromatherapy candles or just to set up the mood as soy Christmas candles for a Christmas dinner table. They are safe and the best-scented candles in the world. Due to the subtle scent, you can purchase soy candles with essential oils, or add your favourite ones into your soy candle. There is no limit to your creativity.
By purchasing soy wax candles at UPTOSTYLE, you are getting yourself a treat that you deserve. The P.F. Candle is a non-toxic alternative that will brighten up your home and bring the light we all need.
For an even more appealing atmosphere, check out P.F.Candle incense sticks in various scents like Teakwood Tobacco and Black Fig.
Frequently asked questions about soy candles
How to make the perfect soy candle?
If you’re up for a soy candles DIY project that will help make your home cosy and luxurious, you can try to make one of these beautiful soy candles for yourself. Here is a little step by step on how to make soy candles.
You will need a couple of ingredients, like soy wax that you can get through a wholesale, then a carefully chosen container for your soy candle. With this, remember that soy wax has a lower melting point than regular paraffin wax, so you want a container that will keep all the wax intact. Plus, you want a container that will perfectly balance out with your home decor.
The rest of the process is pretty standard. You melt the wax, add any fragrance if you choose to do so, place the wick in the middle of the container and secure to make sure it stays in place, pour wax and let it harden overnight. You can add flowers or different kinds of decorations into the wax while still liquid, just make sure those are placed further enough from the wick.
Pouring the soy wax into smaller containers, you can make soy candles tea lights, which are great for evening garden parties or romantic dinners.
Are soy wax candles toxic?
You will come across many opinions on this topic. Some say that the difference between paraffin wax and soy wax used in organic soy candles is not that significant.
However, buying an organic soy candle is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, soy wax is made out of soybeans, which is a natural and non-chemical alternative of paraffin wax, that will protect your health.
Moreover, if you pay attention to the brand you’re choosing, many are supporting soybean farms, and so you not only do something beneficial for yourself, but you will be doing a little altruism for the others too.
And clearly, unlike other wax types like beeswax or even paraffin, that use animal products in production, soy candles are 100% vegan, so perfect for your sustainable lifestyle.

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