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If you are intrigued by architecture, take a look at our art and urban life inspired posters by Studio Esinam. They are perfect for city wanderers who seek comfort from architectural beauties.
Bringing a clean and minimalist design to decorate your home and this is what the Scandinavian studio is all about. Studio Esinam Prints is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg and specialised for the love of architecture. If you are as motivated as we are by well-known buildings of cities, you are in the right place.
It is always lovely to spice up your home or your work station with unique artwork. The selection is almost unlimited, they are offering art prints of the landmarks of bigger cities, such as New York, Melbourne, London and Amsterdam. If you are not keen on the typical tourist attractions but would love to have a poster of your city choose one of the elevations of it. Like the Paris Elevation, which shows the details of the Palais Garnier and the Arc de Triomphe.
With its elegance and subtle designs, it makes the perfect complement to your apartment. Simple lines and the white background works brilliantly with any minimalist home. But if you think all white is too much for you, we got you covered too. They have a new selection of coloured artworks and some colourful prints.
Filling your environment with prints that boost your imagination is a must-have, especially if you work from home. Our love for the flan studio is unstoppable. A sleek print in your living room or even in your kitchen can spice up any architecture lover’s apartment.
The Swedish label Studio Esinam’s prints share their own unique view of the city. So, let dive into it.
Studio Esinam Posters at UPTOSTYLE
The Scandinavian company was founded in 2013 and all of their products have been produced in Sweden with the aim of using eco-friendly materials. We at UPTOSTYLE have the same goal when it comes to choosing products for our webshop.
When travelling architecture encourages us to look at our surroundings in a different way, it opens up a new perspective of knowing a city. Each city has its own landmarks with a unique character. This distinct urban feeling is shown through technical drawings of famous façades.
The founders Josefine Lilljegren and Sebastian Gokah are illustrating the details that go unnoticed for most of the time. The art director and the architect duo devoted themselves to purposefully deconstructing the character of each famous landmark and using the prints for individualised interior spaces.
In their limited edition art print series, named Landmarks and Elevations they seek to capture the details of cities that have been overlooked by tourists. The undiscovered architectural characteristics amaze us without a question. The technicality of prints bears a special contribution to the feeling that the city lays down.
You might ask why this Scandinavian company is different from other print sellers. They are not just a print company but also a creative studio. Their aim is to bring a new perspective for architects to communicate their visuals better through cut out life.
Studio Esinam cutouts are helping new and even recognised creatives working in construction to spread ideas and communicate their visuals with the tools, such as cut out people. It helps to demonstrate and bring the blueprint version alive in a fresh new way.
The eStudio Esinam, which is an online library that consists of 2D drawings of people. With Studio Esinam CAd library free, you can take your presentation to a new level. Helping you to increase the style of your presentation and telling a better story with your projects.
Within the library, Studio Esinam cut out offers over 14,000 cut out people for architectural practices. The ambition of the company is to provide a diverse collection of Studio Esinam people that portrays the activities of urban life in a realistic and genuine way.
The art prints have specific aesthetics, with the minimalist perspective of being clean and sophisticated. With its elegance of not being right up in your face grants a sense of professionalism that you can import to the appearance of your house.
Frequently asked questions about Studio Esinam
In what size the prints come?
The limited-edition prints called Elevations come in only one size, which is 65 x 100 cm. For example, the Los Angeles Elevations art print has five elements such as Theme Building, Chemosphere, Hollywood Sign, Eastern Columbia building and Eames House.
The Landmarks edition comes in the size of 50 x 70 cm. These prints have three landmarks on them from the city they portray. The Brooklyn Landmarks shows the Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower and the landmarks of Brooklyn Townhouses.
The new colourful prints are in a format of 70 x 100 cm. The first edition is our personal favourite because of its vibrant colour choices. Studio Esinam says it was inspired by the beautiful colours of the nordic landscape.
The World Map on the website is the typical map that we are used to only in a minimal, clean look that also comes in only one size by the parameters of 100 x 70 cm.
Where else can I find Studio Esinam?
The creative studio also has an Instagram page where you can get inspired by its feed. The images are the same as their prints show but in more depth. Giving you a better picture of how it would look like in your living room.
They sometimes tag architects in their captions who use their free CAD blocks, giving you an inside look of the projects that the inventors are working on. It may spark an idea inside you for your new design or school projects. Go to Studio Esinam Instagram and search their account for an unlimited source of inspiration and the new wonders of architecture.

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