Live from CPHFW SS18 – Follow the Copenhagen Fashion Week here!

Live from CPHFW SS18 – Follow the Copenhagen Fashion Week here!
August 8, 2017 Greta

Copenhagen Fashion Week is here again!


Between the 8th and 11th of August we are lucky enough to participate in one of the biggest nordic fashion events: CPHFW SS18! ūüėé ¬†This is our 5th fashion week we attend in Copenhagen, and this time finally we report to you in english ¬†as well! This year’s team consists of the the veterans, Priszci, Anett and Greta and some junior uptostylers, our newcomer journalists Jonna and Thomas!¬†

Follow our live page day by day (updated in the night!), get the hottest trends from the catwalks or the coolest outfits from the streets of the scandinavian capital! If you are the unpatient type, check out our insta story for behind the scenes! ūüėȬ†

Aug 10th – Rolling up the fashion week!

On the rooftop with Bitte Kai Rand SS18

Bitte Kai Rand started their fashion show off a little different than many other Danish brands during the Copenhagen Fashion Week Рand took it to the roofs! Up on a rooftop in Islands Brygge, the sun was kissing our faces and the wind was stroking it calmingly with a cool a breeze as we were waiting for the next year’s SS18 fashion show to start. But more earthly elements were represented that day Рnamely the four elements of water, earth, air and fire. It was the blend of cool and calm water in the shape of denim, warm and embracing earthy knitwear, light and flowy silhouettes representing the wind, and strong and fierce combinations of colour and material representing fire, that all together came through throughout the collection. The combination of graphic patterns, the contrast of different materials and the eye-warming colours gave in a unique combination a distinct feeling of comfort and made the clothes look easy to wear for any woman, no matter age! The models brought smiles and energy to the runway and left the atmosphere hanging over the audience as everyone was making their way down to steady ground after the show.

If only more shows could bring such energy, we’d want to go to them all!

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design - ‚ÄúCut out Fragments‚ÄĚ

Fashion Week is not only about already established brands, but as much about new and coming designers. So what‚Äôs not more suiting that attending the fashion show of the fashion graduates BA17 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. UPTOSTYLE was surely there and had our eyes open for rising fashion designers. The show had a strong element of art and creativity, that some students explored more than others. Look through the pictures and find your favourite up-coming designer!‚ÄĚ

Aug 9th – Show to show!

Starting the day with Verena Schepperheyn

The second day of CPHFW SS18 we started ¬†with¬†Verena Schepperheyn Menswear collection at the rural area in Lokomotivv√¶rkstedet. The old industrial workshop came to life as the models embarked the runway in sporty ¬†opposing streetwear, worked to in the details with unique, thin materials with an attitude. The collection’s energetic clothes could easily be worn by any everyday man wanting to wear comfortable, but yet edgy pieces of clothes.

Before we headed onwards to intake our daily dose of caffeine we stopped for some mandatory CPHFW SS18 team photos ¬† ūüėČ

If you know us, you probably know that we are a huge fan of specialty coffee. One of our favourite cafe in Copenhagen is the cozy and quality-focused CUB cafébar with the significant bear logo on the cups, which is a perfect chioce when you need to sit in for a few ours, edit photos and publish articles. Our recommendation if you visit them the first time is to have a cup of cappuccino and a piece of crispy bread with cheese and jam. Classic danish snack.

Before the extravagant Han Kjobenhavn show we decided to visit CIFF to discover some cool new brands for our webstore. Imagine an enormous hall with the selection of exciting brands, like Arkk, Kaibos, Ellesse, the hungarian √Āeron and many others. After we grab a mozzarella-basil sandwich and another cuppa of coffee we continued our day.

Brutalism and velvet at Han Kj√łbenhavn SS18

As the day was slowing down and going towards an end, Ciff Showscene in Bella Center was coming alive. A powerful soundtrack was playing in the background, glasses of coconutty drinks were being clinked against each other, and the crowd consisting of designers, fashion spotters, bloggers and some of the biggest global fashion magazines journalists were patiently waiting for the show to start. There were no exception, we from UPTOSTYLE were of course also there to see the fashion show by the one and only, Han Kj√łbenhavn. Han Kj√łbenhavn by Jannik Wikkels√ł Davidsen and Tim Faith Hancock stands for one of the coolest men‚Äôs wear alone, and this year‚Äôs show of CPHFW SS18 didn‚Äôt proof itself any different.

The runway was embarked by oversized military inspired jackets with padded shoulders, trousers with multiple pockets – all in contrast to soft, velvet uniforms, in colours such as wine red, navy blue, dark khaki and grey. It was a rather inspiring show with well tailored uniforms with a lot of attitude and power.

Han Kj√łbenhavn did it once again – the anticipation by the audience was for surely met!

Henrik Vibskov SS18 - The Great Chain of Sleepers

It was as a performer fell asleep during the last show that Henrik Vibskov came with the idea for his next show’s theme – sleep. We all are dependant of sleep, but it looks different to all of us. Henrik Vibskov presented his interpretation of sleep and provided a show with a lot of energy, colours, and soft materials. Sleep related topics¬†popped up in the details of the clothes: Insomnia as undereyes bags on the models face, dreams and nightmares, monsters under the bed and pullovers,¬†wrinkled bed sheets and sleeping bags on the stage were all elements of the SS18 collection. Here is a bit of behind the scenes from us!

As usual, Henrik Vibskov didn’t hold back, but provided an enjoyable fully packed show. The Vibskov Team opened a bunch of colourful, hanging sleeping bags in the stage and the catwalk started! Playful details, like the Sunglasses decorated with glasses, small embroidered beds and monster-like socks completed the iconic Vibskov outfits.

We will definitely be going to bed continuing dreaming about this remarkable show!

Aug 8th – The fashion week starts!

Carcel - A New era of Fashion

We attended Carcel’s launch party of their first collection during the kick off evening of CPHFW SS18, and it was a brilliant start! The  event took place in Kinfolk’s offices in downtown Copenhagen and was fully packed with every age and gender, amazed by the handmade knitwear of Carcel. The beautiful  garments were hiding broken lifestories, second chance and hope as well as high quality craftmanship. After grabbing a refreshing mate-mate-rum cocktail and wondering around the  exhibition, we got the opportunity to exchange some words with the founder Veronica D’Souza.

With a Danish clean and timeless design, but with a colourful and purposeful vision, Carcel is changing the world Рjumper by jumper, woman by woman. With Carcel, there’s no compromise between design, quality, human rights or sustainability РCarcel fights for it all!

Veronica tells her story, that the idea to use fashion as a mediator to do good in this world came to her as she was in Kenya, Africa. Today, the dream is made true and Veronica has together with the designer Louise van Hauen, managed to create a brand that collaborates with women in prison in Cusco, Peru. The collaboration means that women in prison will be able to make a wage and save up money for a life after prison – and therefore break the cycle of poverty. Each item is exclusively produced by a woman, with the finest local baby alpaca wool, and also 100% natural.

Veronica explains to us that any woman in the prison who wants to get employed, can, and in turn can make her dreams into reality. ‚ÄúThe female prisoners are not a collection of women, but individuals with each their own story. We work closely with our partners in Peru, and have a regional design manager who oversees the daily production over there, which makes it possible to ensure that everything is dealt with in properly‚ÄĚ.

Carcel‚Äôs first collection was knitwear of 100% Baby Alpaca made by women in prison in Peru, but the second collection will move east, and be made of 100% silk by women in prisons in Thailand. ‚ÄúCarcel is the future, with timeless designs that don‚Äôt compromise with ethical morals.‚ÄĚ

We are already looking forward to see where a brand with such bold and sharp-witten vision will end up!

Jonna tried on our favorite, the La Bomba al Mano Рchunky knitted  jacket
made from 100% peruvian baby alpaca wool. It looked and felt fantastic!