Beach Looks from a Fruity Paradise

In most European countries, summer weather is still rocking in late August. While getting back on track and return to work, it’s crucial to take a deep breath, stop for a moment and relax. Laying in the garden of your home, taking long walks on the beach during sunset – the list goes on of pleasant summer activities that you can still enjoy in early September. The inspiration for all our summer beach looks comes out of this, the crazy hot summer evenings and the mood of a refreshing holiday.


Orni is wearing a pure black-and-white striped COS bikini which can be mixed with almost anything and gives all body type a ladylike appearance, taking us back to the 50’s. The first of our beach looks is a must have both for a tropical vacation or a spa weekend in the mountains.

Whether you are travelling or just resting in your back garden, you definitely refuse to wear any clothes. Therefore, the best idea is to choose the perfect pieces which will give you a stylish look without effort. According to recent trends, pastel colors have the leading role of our photoshoot spiced up with some vivid orange shade which our models, Orni and Jireh present very well.

She chose an INQ baseball cap in lively orange color to give her outfit a practical, joyful look. To reach a comfortable but elegant expression, she completed her appearance with a pair of special golden INQ earrings.

Bathing suit: COS / Baseball cap, earring: INQ


To underline the perfect beach look, Jireh is wearing a pastel blue Pelso Swimwear one-piece bathing suit which suits especially for those girls who have beautiful sun-tanned skin. This cut is one of the season’s must-haves as it perfectly embraces the feminine shapes of the body. The white kimono from Anna Daubner is a great summer piece which is not only totally breathable but also makes you feel elegant if you feel a bit bare or are going for a dinner directly from the beach.

Besides being stylish, it’s indispensable to stay hydrated during summer. Wherever you’re on the go to, bring your Memobottle with you. You can not only reduce waste production but also save a lot of space in your favorite bag.

Photo: Ancza Kriszti 
Make-up: Papp Alexandra 
Hair: Horváth Kristóf 
Stylist/Creative director: Berczeli Betty 
Stylist assistant: Erdei Tamara
Models: Jireh AnyachukwuMari Ornella