Beach Please! – The Cheekiest Beach Outfit Ideas

Despite the fact that we just have stepped straight into September, we are still delivering to you this article since people tend to escape to beach resorts during the whole year. But what are the must have items, if you’re planning such a vacation? If you don’t have them already, you can still purchase them. To make it easier for you, we selected all the things you need for a perfect summer beach outfit.

Feelinkita, Anna Amélie, Vecsei Milinery, Anna Daubner, Nanushka… All you have to do is to pick.

These days the hats are indispensable accessories of our holiday. They not only offer us shelter from the scorching sun, but  they are also go-to accessories that can complete any summery outfit. No wonder why we chose Vecsey Milinery‘s hat. ( By the way, the new A/W hatcollection is on its way, being made of quality materials and taking exquisite shapes.) If you accept our advice you’ll see that getting your hands on a designer hat is a better investment than buying a hat from a fast fashion shop.

When going to the beach, it’s wordly wise to bring with you a short coat or a poncho, in case  the wind suddenly starts to blow. For this shooting we picked this beautifully crafted Nanushka fit blazer, which is suitable for a bathing day, as well as for eating out on a hot summer evening. Other useful and voguish accessories are the sunglasses, which beside protecting our eyes, they make the outfit stand out in a crowdy place, like the beach. You can purchase these sunglasses from the Hababa Store. And if you are in trouble with finding the perfect sunnies for your face shape, you ought to read our previous article in this matter.

Straw bags are big hits this summer. This time we completed our look with
Borneo Line bag, which looks stylish and it’s big enough to put in it a sunscreen
and the basic beach products. Their advantage is that these bags are hard-wearing
and you can find them in so many colors and sizes, that it’s difficult not to
discover the ONE, which is screaming your name.

This Anna Amélie swimsuit was love at first sight. More and more Hungarian desginers are launching swimsuit collections, thus you can pick unique pieces. This is Anna’s second collection and it’s needless to say that this year she has brought her best again. Our personal favorite swimsuit is this one with the hand pattern and mystical transparent interlining. Similarly to last year, monokinis gained huge popularity, so you should invest in one. Maybe in a limited edition piece, but hurry then!

A one-piece bathing suit might hide your wobbly bits, but you cannot get your whole body beautifully tanned. If you are in the same shoes or you are just simply craving for a stylish two-piece swimsuit, this Feelinkita bikini, which is absolutely good for sunbathing owing to its cutting, was made for you. We have chosen an emerald green swimsuit, but the ruby one was close to our heart too.

If you aren’t a big fan of the straw basket handbags, you can still go for a simplier and yet fashionable gym bag. This is from Anna Daubner‘s 2017 Summer collection and those tassels make it even more attractive. This can be a suitable accessory for anybody who doesn’t fall for shoulder bags. These gym bags are becoming more and more popular all over the world, because they can be added to a beach outfit or to a day-to-day set too.

The pictures were taken at the Lupa Beach, in a friendly atmosphere, where we were all feeling just like at the seaside.

Our fantastic team:
Photography: Tordai Márton and Varga Priszcilla
Makeup and hair: Horváth Glória
Model: Berczeli Betty
Art director: Varga Priszcilla
Creative project manager: Gáspár Dominika