Burning Orange – Late summer lookbook

The last warm summer days has just passed away replaced by fallen leaves and chilly autumn evenings. Sunshine is going through big changes and is touching your face with weak, sluggish rays, while lively colours of summer are turning into fall’s rust brown, mustard yellow and burning orange shades. Though Indian summer is a short period of time, it is yet one of the most beautiful stage of nature’s life. According to this, our new lookbook is about the wonderful blend of summer and autumn, intended to eternalize the double impression of Indian summer.

Harmonious opposites

Indian summer includes so many perfect opposites that work in a perfect harmony, just like warm days and cool nights, sunshine and parky breezes or colourful leaves and barren trees. Inspired by all of this, we set up our outfits to represent duality by pairing different colours, materials and shapes, finished with MC&C (McCarter & Co.) accessories. After launching their Rust collection in early summer, now they completed that with the Drop collection, which continues the concept and atmosphere of rust colour but uses raffia material instead of leather.

The Mesa bag got an exciting, dynamically changing diamond shape that constantly adjusts to the wearer. The natural tanned cowhide straps and the two fringes on the opposite sides make this bag an absolutely exceptional piece. Its pleasant warm burning orange colour is a great combination with the contrasting beige DAIGE dress.

Brilliant shapes

The best way to offset the classical, strict lines of elegance is to involve tender, comfortable shapes in the outfit. The white ÉMÉ skirt-like palazzo trousers wrap the lower body like foaming waves, along with the oversized COS shirt which absorbs the last warm summer breezes letting them kindly pamper us with their soft touch on the skin. The little tongue-shaped Supai necklace bag with its taut, homogenous calfskin material and hanging fringes irradiates the white low-key outfit likewise a last tiny sunbeam, spicing it up with a pinch of western vibes.

Variations for capricious autumn weather

The star of our third outfit is the other new piece of MC&C’s Drop collections, the trapezoidal shape Sedona bag. It faithfully expresses the brand’s DNA, the presence of inspiration from everyday objects. The shape of Sedona was inspired by nylon shopping bags, which makes this bag a very special, though basic, all-in-one accessory and an ideal companion in everyday life. In line with the bag, we chose to diversify two COS sweaters of burning orange colours to complete the ÉMÉ white trousers – a fine-knit turtleneck and a warmer, slightly oversized sweater, which both balance the easy impishness of trousers with their wintry, cosy feeling.

Playful autumn colourway

Vivid, colourful accessories are unnecessary to combine with the magical colourway of autumn, since even the simplest, most sophisticated pieces can make the outfit flawless. The shoes that were born from the collaboration of MC&C and designer Kata Eifert symbolize the brand’s shapes and colours, giving a role play to mix square and curved lines, purity and quality materials. Thanks to the combination of refined natural tanned goatskin lining, raffia upper and black heels, these shoes are ideal to wear both in an elegant way, or a casual T-shirt-jeans pairing, especially with other pieces of Rust collection.

We topped this lukewarm, sunny late summer, but slightly brisk autumn mood with our favourite pearl hair clips that are available in the Uptostyle shop. They shine bright like the last rays of sun, even worn in the hair or used as an accessory on the bag to be always at hand.

Though sun ultimately weakens to hand over its place to cold, we still can enjoy all the trends of the season. The time has finally come to take the all-time favourite basic autumn clothes out of the wardrobe and juice them up with magnificent pieces of burning orange or other fall colours.

Beige dress: DAIGE

White shirt, terracotta turtleneck and sweater: COS

White trousers: ÉMÉ

Bags: McCarter & Co.

Shoes: Kata Eifert

Hair clips: UPTOSTYLE

Text: Barbara Ferenc

Pictures: Glória Horváth

Make-up: Glória Horváth

Hair: Kristóf Horváth

Model: Noémi Trexler

Creative Director/Stylist: Betty Berczeli

Stylist assistant: Fanni Horváth