Coats for the Cold Temperatures

With the arrival of the winter weather, we get our coats and knitted tops out of the closet to survive the cold temperatures. It is always much harder to wear colour or avoid all black this time of year. In our winter lookbook, you will see outfit ideas, where we laid stress on bright, neutral colours. In addition, each piece is integrable in other looks! We did our utmost to infuse the upcoming trends in our sets of clothes.

Leather and lookalike leather are a must-have this season. Not only your trousers but your jacket as well can be made of this fabric. It provides us the chance to create contrast between the rough textures – like leather – and the cosy knitted materials.

We want to debunk the myth that black and brown do not work together. Moreover, we ignore any outdated fashion rule like that. We believe that – with a good sense – you can throw on an outfit by mixing and matching colours and textures. We opted for flare jeans and a basic black jumper under a leather coat. This way, the coat becomes the interest piece of the outfit, but still, every garment remains independently compelling.

Wide leg trousers are having a renaissance. You can look like a model fresh of the runway by styling them with chunky heel boots. We did not want to add other accessories because the outwear piece had contrasting stitchings. This mix of loud fabrics took the streets like runway.

We didn’t want to overplay the outfit. This is the reason for sticking to minimalist patterns present in the play of the various fabrics. We chose woven, wool or vegan leather outerwear, which works well with monochromatic and basic pieces of clothing. Hence they can be staples for your capsule wardrobe as items that will last forever. Each coat is chic, practical and will keep you warm in the extreme cold.

Low saturated colours make room for jewellery and bags. We decided to opt for handmade earrings, that jazzed up the looks with the right amount of cheerfulness.

All the coats: Spark Le Monde

Earrings: Uptostyle

White pullover: Spark Le Monde

Trousers and boots: the stylist’s own

Photo: Anda Júlia

Styling/creative director: Kiss Eszter

Makeup: Bartha Györgyi

Creative assistant: Kosik Dominika

Model: Nikolics Daniella

Text: Kiss Eszter