Colour Me With Sunrise- A different side of capsule wardrobe

A different side of a capsule wardrobe

The transitions from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall, and last but not least, autumn to winter are characterised by tough fashion decisions. Creating a capsule wardrobe means being one step ahead of yourself and of your closet. Great pressure, huh? It’s a stressful and challenging period of time. And we are here to help you deal with it; starting off with picking perfect colour for your wardrobe!

In the haste of opening the closet door when cold seasons are knocking on it, a lot of people have the tendency to forget colours. Adopting “nude-itude” and cold shades, during fall/winter, is clichéd. If you’re opting for a slimming silhouette, a chunky black pullover might be better than a canary shade. However, this doesn’t say much about who you are. Maybe it isn’t the colour, it’s the sweater type that should be reconsidered. Think outside your monochrome box!

Don’t be afraid of layering playful tones, such as a princess pink with vermilion. Using provocative colour combinations doesn’t mean you’re being disloyal to minimalism. In fact, if you’re ever in the mood for a little cheating, here’s what stylists call neutral blocking. No vivid or novelty hues, but still unexpected duos. So you shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty! You only need to figure out which colours truly express who you are and establish the fashion rules you live by.

If you haven’t found your colours yet, it’s never too late to start looking for them! There’s an entire world around you that serves as an endless source of inspiration. Just keep your eyes open wide. Maybe get up 30 minutes earlier in order to catch the sunrise, or slow down on your way home from work to let the sky dawn on you. In our case, we managed to catch the first rays of sun in the early hours of the morning. This is how we came up with two staple pieces for our capsule. Two different colours, each possessing their own character, emerging as one perfect outfit. And as the sun comes up, we step into another season.

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Photo: Ingmar Bötker

Model: Priszcilla Varga

Written by: Zsuzsanna Magyari