Copenhagen Street Style

It is no secret that we love being here in Denmark! And we certainly do not need to explain why we love it so much, as it’s displayed throughout every content we have. With their lively culture, the high standard of living and the “hygge” atmosphere and of course, we can not forget about the style of Scandinavians, that never make mistakes. What can we say, the country has it all!

If you are in Copenhagen, you can get inspired not just in designer stores, but you can go out into the street and take a look!

Our English photographer, Ingmar Bötker , has taken live pictures of Copenhagen in order to capture the true vibe that gives a Dane in their own habitat. Great feelings came out of it. 

Take a look at the Danish flawless sense of style that it’s not just for the younger generation and have fun browsing!

Since the territory of Copenhagen is relatively small, the bicycle is the ideal transport for the city. Therefore all the locals are bicycling. Regardless of the age, they push on a bicycle on rainy, sunny or snowy days, despite all they break the roads, of course (like everything elsein style!

There are various outfits on the Copenhagen “runway”, you will find colorful, patterned textures in addition to the perfectly clean, minimalist garments. They are bravely combined with simple sports shoes, and sometimes intimidating chooses as high heels on a rainy day with the bike.

We hope you also like Copenhagen Streetstyle as much as we do! If you would like to see a similar portfolio please let us know!