Dancing Spring- Be ready for unpredictable

Despite April is the middle of spring, it can easily surprise us with the sassiness of the season. Though we can say goodbye to the freezing winter weather, we should count on cool mornings, harsh evenings or even chilly rains with unpleasant parky breezes. After saying goodbye to all the warm winter clothes and countless layers of sweaters, this Dancing Spring lookbook was created to show you how to wear strict, masculine garments with a feminine charm and pair colours to achieve a sophisticated, yet flawlessly stylish look.

As a focus of the lookbook, we emphasize the excellence of the season’s favourite, the blazer, inserted into the graceful world of ballerinas. Different colours, cuts and styles meet to carry out an exciting look that is easy-going, but also absolutely elegant.

The pastel pink, lightweight blazer on Laura is made of a shiny, satin-like material that is in a perfect harmony with the baby pink, girlish pair of ballerina shoes. This refinement contrasts the masculine tailoring of the blazer and the black clothes she wears, resulting in a stunning, feminine appearance.

The magical secret of wearing dark clothes is to play with shapes instead of colours. The masculine-cut black blazer is offset with an airy strap top, a pair of lightsome wide leg trousers that are flowing in the air with every dance move, plus a tight belt that helps highlight our dancer’s slim waistline. This easy little step completely changes her appearance and turnes stringency into fascination and enchantment.

Indeed, these outfits excellently prove that not only close-fitting dresses can be elegant, feminine and pretty but also comfortable, casual garments as well. Additionally, materials have an essential role in the overall look – the shiny, sparkling fabrics of the pieces on Laura dramatically radiates in the sunshine.

When choosing the matching accessories, we decided to add less but more significant pieces to these lovely outfits. According to one of the season’s biggest favourites, we decorated Laura’s hair with different wonderful clips – from huge ones with pearls to simple styled pieces. The shining of pearls is an impeccable match to the bright materials, plus these little treasures represent true femininity that also balance the straight lines of the blazers.

Though wearing pointe shoes is not for every day, finishing your appearance with the right pair is only up to your preference. In order to reach a smarter, elegant look, you just need to put on high-heels, while pointing out comfort and sportiness is the easiest with chunky sneakers.

Above all, we are definitely obsessed with the spring season’s fashion due to all the endless options, versatility, charm and playfulness it offers at the same time.

Striped black blazer: Émé

Pastel pink blazer: Aéron

Dark blue strap top and wide leg trousers: COS(BigBagPR)

Black loose top and trousers: Aéron

Hair clips: the stylist’s own

Text: Barbara Ferencz

Pictures: Eszter Sára Cseh

Stylist/Creative director: Betty Berczeli

Hair: Kristóf Horváth

Makeup/Creative assistant: Boglárka Cselőtei

Model: Laura Tasi

Location: Studio36

Thanks for the clothes to Émé, Aéron, COS and BigBagPR and for the location to Studio36!