Fifty Shades of CUBE

We pursue the prospect of harmony in all areas of our life, and our wardrobe is no exception. As summer ends and autumn is approaching, we are getting used to experiencing changes, including seasonal routine and weather changes. Sometimes a balanced and well put together outfit can mean a steady point in this quickly shifting world around us. It can help us slow down and notice the beauty in the tiniest details. Our august lookbook features the harmonious relationship between colours and shapes in addition to the contrast between soft and rough textures. Meet MC&C's newest model: the convertible CUBE bag!

Monochrome outfits in colours of the Indian summer

Muted peach, sand beige and terracotta undertones go well together, having an overall calming and relaxing effect. These colours have a summery, fresh and playful side, besides another side that gives the outfit an air of simplicity and dressy casualness. We accessorized our monochrome looks with mini bags from MC&C.

You might have learned about the brand in one of our previous editorials. Though, it is relevant to say a few things about MC&C’s designer again. His name is Szekeres Ákos and gets inspiration from nature. He has a genius for details, creative and functional solutions, and high quality as well. MC&C’s latest model called the CUBE possesses the following qualities: versatility, practical size and shape, minimalistic aesthetic.

In our lookbook, there’s a place made for the colours of the freshly handpicked flowers. We combined the head-to-toe purple and soft textured ensemble with a light salmon bag. There is an emphasized contrast between the outfits the two models wear; one wears lightweight fabrics and bright hues, while the other wears brick red, cement grey, heavy textures conveying the impression of urban life.

Contrast and harmony work together in both outfits for a balanced effect. The accessories can be worn both as shoulder bags or as handbags. The matte finish on leather fits minimalism.

The mastery of colour harmony

We played with the warm and cool colours in our lookbook. According to colour psychology, black is associated with elegance, luxury. Blue is described as a rather friendly, relaxing and soothing colour. Fortunately or not, we are not limited to black and blue when it comes down to choosing our CUBE bag. We have the freedom to pick from a wide range of CUBE bags, colours for every mood and occasion. What’s more, it is easy to turn a CUBE from a back bag to a shoulder bag. It might as well become the centrepiece of our accessory collection in the first split second of purchasing it.

Dark blue shirt and trousers: DAIGE

Gray wrap blouse and skirt: DAIGE

Brown leather kimono and trousers: ÁERON

Gray blazer: ARKET

Peach blazer and trousers: COS

Sand beige overall and shirt: COS

Lilac sweater and skirt: COS

Pleated shirt and trousers: COS

Photo:Cseh Eszter Sára

Styling/creative director: Berczeli Betty

Makeup: Schneider Anna

Creative assistant: Horváth Fanni

Models: The Diary Management

Text: Kiss Eszter

Beige dress: DAIGE

White shirt, terracotta sweater and pullover: COS

White trousers: ÉMÉ

Bags: McCarter & Co.

Shoes: Eifert Kata

Hair clips: Uptostyle