It’s a Wrap! – One coat, two colours

It is quite difficult to express yourself through style when it is cold outside. In order to help you there’s one question that needs to be answered: ‘What does the winter outerwear of your dreams look like?’. If you are not locked into one specific type, we might have something for you. Buckle up! Let us present you Jan Machenhauer’s wrap coat that goes by the name of Engine coat.

We love the way the woolen layers fall into one structured piece. Getting up close to the delicate details, we can trace the path of white stitches that end in tiny fringes. This play on details creates an inside-out style, which gives the feeling of casual elegance that allows you to choose from a full range of clothes, from sporty to dressy.

We like playing around with colours, letting them prevail among the layers. Jonna is wearing an Engine coat in ebony black shade, that perfectly balances out her blonde curls and pale peach sweater. You can pair black with basically every colour, but you need to be careful with the coat’s big silhouette, even though it has a belt. Assuming that you would like to flatter your figure, we advise you to avoid loose fit pieces, for example, wide-leg pants.

Anett is wearing the same wrap coat, but in a sweet pink colour, that really brings out her brown hair. As opposed to black, pink is a tough-nut-to-crack for those who prefer playing safe. If you are a member of the latter category, you have a wide selection of neutrals and pastels at your service, including the all-time-basics of your wardrobe. Except for those who enjoy experimentation in some ways. This can mean one thing: put on your lab coat! We would combine this colour with bright red, neon orange and complicated floral patterns, just like fashion week front-row queens do.

If you are busy running around all day, this chilly season does not provide you with the chance to show off your jewelry collection. But there is still an opportunity to step up your game by scarves, hats or by replacing the coat’s belt. Added to these accessories, sunglasses have this magic power that brings out the real fashionista in you. Especially, the 90s Style Ashleysummer sunglasses, that are now available in our webshop. Maybe there is more to discover to finish off this fall in style!