Laundry Day with our fav Sneaker Brand – VEJA

Even for an it-girl in the modern day generation, reality hits in and laundry needs to be done. But there’s nothing that cheers up laundry Tuesdays like brand new pair sneakers.

The UPTOSTYLE team took over a laundromat in the heart of cool Copenhagen and made an edgy and casual 80’s photoshoot to present to you the Veja sneakers.

Never heard of Veja?

Plenty of time between two washes to find some info about this amazing brand. They are truly the millennials of sneakers. Transparency, design, and sustainability are just one of their keywords.

Veja is the sneaker brand that looks beyond just a sneaker. They make sure that you enclose your feet with materials that are ecological, certified by FairTrade, and support local projects in South America.  

These facts are truly cheering us up even on a laundry day!

Veja is a company that bravely and boldly goes counterflow of today’s consumerism, and only produce on orders dated for the next six months. This ensures any non-accumulated stock from going to waste. Veja is a brand that you proudly and consciously can support, already from the early stage of the production, until the end of the finished cool sneaker.

Veja could, therefore, be the most ethical shoe brand that you have ever come across!