Month of Sundays – Fall of the red pepper

Month of Sundays AW17-18 collection titled “Her Foundation” is an homage to the traveler and nomad that’s present in all of us. She endorses the roots even though she’s living far away from the place where she was born. But what’s home anyway in a digital era where we strive to become globetrotters? The truth is that each new place is shaping us. Mainly when one decides to stay longer. New roots are being planted wherever she travels or feels like home at.

Every Month of Sundays piece – together with its wearer – embody love towards nature, comfort and authenticity, while embracing the phenomenon of slow-living wherever life takes her.

But what are her innermost feelings regarding her foundations? Where will she find them? In the scent of muddy ground, amongst pine trees, by the lake in the Spring time, or at the bonfire in the Autumn night?

These questions are the ones that inspired the colour palette of the collection; the earthy basics like ecru and coal together with vivid true red and pale icy grey of the winter lake. The knits in traditional textures – just like us urban nomads – are the ones that move, wander and constantly evolve.

Photography: Evelin Piriczky 
Model: Glória Horváth 
Art director : Réka Pásztor Turák
Production assistant: Varga Priszcilla 

You can get the pieces of the collection online.