Sisterhood – When you have each others back

You know those days that are greyer than the greyest of hairs. Those days that are slower than lactic acid legs after a full marathon, and longer Monday afternoons. We all have them – those inevitably bad days. But strangely, as long as the bad day may have felt, as quick it’s also passed by as you glance back in the rear mirror next. The day is now distant, and far back. When the day was present it felt like an eternity, but as it’s placed itself in the past, it is so small looking in the mirror that you can only see it if you squint.

Very often, time works its magic and the day passes naturally. But in the midst of those dull and long days, you actually don’t have to be defeated by them. You can make a decision to make the most of the day instead. What if you were to arm up along somebody, and fight back. Somebody who through thick and thin supports, encourages and makes you laugh until you forget that the day had even started. Somebody who simply makes the dull day brighter.

That somebody sounds like more than just a good friend, because friendships like that are rare. That friendship deserves the title sisterhood. We at UPTOSTYLE salute and value sisterhood so much! Sisterhood is all about lifting each other up when the midst of a world trying to push you down.

So right now sisters, take up your phones (unless it’s already placed in your hand) and shower you sisters with love, joy and words of affirmation. Speak life into them and remind them of that you’ve got their back, just as they’ve got yours!

Because who’s better to fight along side with than a sister?

Pictures: Piriczky Evelin 

Text: Jonna Shore

Models: Horváth Glória and Tirza Mór

Art director and styling: Varga Priszcilla

Pullovers: Nanushka

Shirts: Repertory Budapest