Soft Elegance – The art of layering

When winter rolls around, there are only two things on a person’s mind when deciding on what to wear that day; if it is cosy and comfortable. We love to envelop ourselves in layers and layers of our warmest clothes, often sacrificing style for practicality. But who says that needs to be the case? Soft Elegance lookbook will show you how to stay warm and acquire layering on an absolutely stylish way.

Layering Basics

In order to execute and achieve a flawless layering, there are some important things we have to focus on in order to combine pieces that look both flattering and cohesive on us. Inspired by the soft shades of winter, we centred our photoshoot around the same sophistication, tenderness and cosiness. In light of this, the first outfit Blanka wears is the perfect combination of femininity and playful silhouettes. The mix of a comfy light grey knitted top and a white pencil skirt attractively highlights the ladylike features. The addition of a textured olive green, thick oversized sweater throws in an exciting twist. The contrast of cuts and materials ensures the perfect ensemble to achieve a stunning, stylish outfit.

Layered Elegance

The second outfit was accomplished by pairing a knitted olive-green COS maxi dress and a dark brown stiff, high-neck top. We also brought back the oversized sweater from the first outfit to add an extra element of warmth and practicality and emphasize the layering. It can be worn even tied around your shoulders or waist, to deliver a comfortable, playful finish. The ribbed pattern of the maxi dress contrasts well with the roughly woven material of the sweater. Over and above, the brown top is perfect to offset the tonal olive colours that we lightened with a pair of snake boots.

Layered in Soft Colours

The final outfit Betty wears is dominated by bright colours which make the whole ensemble very sophisticated and graceful. Thanks to the thick materials, this elegance is infused with both ease and effortless style. As a contrast to the light shades, the dark brown top appears again – adding a hint of spice to the combination of the almost-white, light purple midi dress and grey sweater.

The Perfect Accessories

Choosing the right accessories is key, which is why we carefully selected a refined white pair of MYA boots and the Joyce snake boots from Vagabond. A pair of super unique and lovely Ashley Summer plastic earrings are essential which you can soon purchase from the UPTOSTYLE store. By repeating each piece throughout the outfits, our aim was to give you some tips on how to style one piece in several different ways.

Text: Barbara Ferencz

Pictures: Krisztina Ancza

Styling/creative director: Betty Berczeli

Hair: Kristóf Horváth

Make-up & creative assistant: Boglárka Cselőtei

Models: Blanka Dardai & Betty Berczeli

Olive green and white dresses: COS (BigBag PR)

Purple, grey, green sweater & brown top: COS

Wooden chair, grey and brown vase: Mobili Mania

Ghost chair, statue, white vase and white skirt: the stylist’s own

Earrings: Ashley Summer

Boots: Vagabond

Magazines: Kinfolk

Thanks for the clothes to COS and BigBag PR, for the boots to Vagabond and for the design home décor to Mobili Mania!