The Chronicles of Rains – Vol.1

Life seems so complex at times, but every little detail is part of a particular entity. It’s up to us whether we see the world in its entirety or in its details. People tend to go to the extremes, they make big problems small and small problems big. But before you start to moan about your problems, you should ask yourself: what qualifies as a problem? 

Everybody has bad days every now and then, and even the slightest mistakes seem chaotic on these days. For example, you draw a shaky line on your eyelid and you feel like this must be the worst day of your life, although this is just a little detail you shouldn’t make fuss about.

It’s up to you whether you ought to put accent on the details or you should focus on more important things. It’s essential to learn which approach should you adapt.

“This is my thought: 50,000 years ago there’s not even a million people. Ten thousand years ago, there’s like two million people on the planet. Now there’s between five and six billion people on the planet. If we all have our own individual, unique soul, where do they all come from? Are modern souls only a fraction of the original souls? Because if they are, that represents a 5,000 to one split of each soul[…] At best, we are tiny fractions…” (quoted from the film “Before Sunshine”)

Going further with the idea expressed in that quote…We are part of this big entirety too, we can call ourselves intricate details that compose the world. It sounds frightening, doesn’t it? But we all are different, beautiful in our own way, inside and out, with original ideas and our own way of perceiving the world and its details. Everybody has his own imagination and his own reality he lives in, but these proportions differ from person to person.

The world might have galactic proportions, but if we have big aspirations and ideas, we are unstoppable.

One thing is sure, we mustn’t be afraid of what is ahead of us. Whether a tiny or a huge problem springs up, try to seek solutions to solve it. 

You can face everything, the solution often lays in the way you see things. Take on your invisible superhero cape (or your Rains jacket) before you step out on the street to make you believe in yourself.

Photo: Michaela Taylor
Text: Magyari Zsuzsanna