Tiny Beauties of Life – Glyptotek

In our fast and multitasking world, many people forget that it is worth stopping for a moment, to breathe deep the crisp fresh air and observe the tiny beauties of life. The light beam on the window glass, the scent of freshly baked bread when you pass by a bakery. To observe the trees in the autumn times, when green leaves are exchanging with red, orange and yellow shades. In our series of photography, at Museum Glyptotek, we tried to capture the observant experiences of steady time. When the sun’s rays are gently passing through the window glass, warming up the atmosphere and where nature is interspersed with art.

Every point in the museum is perched on the timelessness and unrivaled Danish minimalism, creating a place where you can leave the everyday worries and admires the art around you. Our model, Priszci opted this time for white-black striped culotte trousers, which, thanks to their monochrome color scheme and classic cut-off length, become one of the key pieces. With comfort in mind, she chose white sneakers and a burgundy Weekdays purse, which was not only comfortable but also beautifully harmonized with the colors of the exhibition. It was made to be.

Glyptotek is a realm of tranquility, the harmony of colors and materials only enhance this feeling. Slicing through ancient masterpieces of ancient Roman and Greek sculptures we slowly took part in a time travel. We were impressed with the finely crafted statue groups. The exhibition is led through several rooms, and the mood of the Priszci dressing changed gradually, by adding a COS bag and a Hodina watch. The small size bag was the easy and practical accessory to have and walk with the endless hours with at the wonderful festival museum. Although the environment makes you feel that time has stopped, the Hodina watch sometimes remembers you that it didn’t.

Photographer: Ancza Krisztina
Model: Varga Priszcilla

Thanks for the sweater Sweet Sktbs and Agency V Copenhagen!