Spending hours before laptop? – Save your eyes with EyeBuyDirect!

Spending hours before laptop? – Save your eyes with EyeBuyDirect!
July 20, 2017 Anett


You need these glasses!

What if we’d tell you that there’s a pair of glasses which protects your eyes from the incoming harmful effects of a digital screen?

We’ve tested the EyeBuyDirect ’s digital screen protector glasses and have to admit they are amazing. We’ve chosen Miss. Aurora, Prism and Aura because of their minimalist and clean look.


What about EyeBuyDirect?

The company was established in 2005 with the mission of creating affordable, but quality focused glasses because they believe that everyone has the right to see clearly. That’s also why they support numerous non-profit organisations, which’s aim is to help indigent people to receive glasses.

Their repertoire includes basic reading glasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses and digital screen protector glasses as well. Those who tend to hesitate when buying won’t be happy because they have dozens of frame choices. Thin, thick, rounded, oval, professional, fun, whatever you want.


Do you spend long- long hours before the screen?

People spend half of their days with looking at different type of screens, like the laptop at their workplace, the TV at home or the smartphone, mostly all day. Experts say that the average is checking their phones in every 6.5 mins.

Looking at screen may not be harmful, but it may come up with long-term consequences like headache, trouble concentrating, dry eyes or insomnia. Even if you don’t experience these, it’s good to be preventive.



Aurora and Aura, the tortoise printed sisters are beautifully shaped and have a nice contrast with your face colour. Aurora is a bit cold, while Aura has more warm shades. Our absolute favourite is the transparent Prism which looks perfect from even if you are pale white to when you have a Spanish warm toned skin colour.

They arrive in a simple paper box with a separate glass case, a soft glass cleaner and a screwdriver. We are obsessed with these glasses, not just because of their look but their useful effect on our eyes. If we convinced you, check out their website and choose your favourite frame.


Be cool. Wear glasses.