F is for Feeric Fashion Week

Feeric in Romanian translates as ‘taste of life’ and the fashion week of the same name has been held in Transylvania for eleven years. 

The Transylvanian fashion week as mentioned (please leave behind the vampires), brings you on a fresh journey of style were you can immerse yourself in the rich and colourful empire of fashion. Designers from all over the world, from Malta to Argentina, choose to launch their collections here, as they meet the local Romanian brands. 

Not only the brand lineup is diverse, but there aren’t two individual shows held in the same venue: flour mill, old-town, the Brukenthal Palace from Avrig, the festive hall of a library and so on. Get ready to be inspired as this is said to be the most creative European fashion week.


For a week, Sibiu, placed in the heart of Transylvania, became the world’s fashion capital and we at UPTOSTYLE had the opportunity to visit this fashion event for the second time. Same Feeric feeling, some familiar faces, the usual silhouettes and a lot of designers were back this year also. No wonder why we had déjà-vu watching Modement‘s new collection called ‘Heads up’. 

This was the show that kicked off our FFW. Last year, their minimalist dresses had a lasting impression on us, so we couldn’t miss it this time either. The show took place in the Boromir factory, the biggest bakery supplier in Romania, so the catwalk was dusted with flour.

Minimalism tends to avoid signs of subjectivity and this is where Modement, the Hong Kong brand differs, because the creations wear the signs of their Asian origins and the public can feel their love for design. 

Their creations were built with a restricted colour palette, patterns, stripes on stripes, light tops and interesting hand-weave materials. 

We couldn’t take our eyes off their calf wrap heels with bows and spartan inspired shoes. Not to mention the hairstyles: interesting braids, buns and head scarves in harmony with the clothes and evoking the eastern style.


The next show we documented for you took place nowhere else but in a skatepark – a modern playground for fashion lovers. There were two local skater guys skating during the whole show and a graffiti artist creating some art in the background. 

The presentation was full of life and freshness of and for the younger generations. But wait a minute! We got so carried away with the atmosphere that we forgot to mention that it was all about a collective collection united by The Secret Code of Fashion.

Paying attention to the details is always key, like in this case when we noticed that the hats were made of recycled materials. But other than that, there were interesting patterns reminding us of the abstract expressionist masterpieces. 

Feeling comfortable in your body and in your clothes have always been a number one rule, and the designers definitely made this a rule of thumb.

Architecture In Fashion

Architecture In Fashion is a Swiss brand, and its name was enough to catch our attention. The pieces were oozing the designer’s Nogol Zahabi’s true passion for both fashion and architecture, which spurs back to the roots of her childhood.  

The dresses reminded us of the origamis we used to do when we were children, but now these were carried out on a whole new level. The designer used colors from the greyscale. The simplicity of the colour use was balanced by the various forms and accessories summoning up the modern architecture of the past half-century.

Mondovi Lingerie

Mondovi Lingerie Couture from Thailand, convinced everybody that underwear and everyday wear can align perfectly in the most natural manner. We were as always backstage before and after the show, to pull off a quick backstage photo shoot. 

The show took place near the old walls that must have seen how fashion evolved over the centuries. The surroundings matched the romantic laces as seen on the clothes and created an inspirational atmosphere. The hairstyles reminded us of the rococo coiffure done in a messy way, like this-is-how-I-woke-up.

DoDo Leung’s embroidery is a unique art, but her garments truly come alive only when they are worn by women, and we witnessed this with our own eyes. 

The designer didn’t use many colours, but the materials were very delicate and diaphanous. The models were walking self-consciously in the dresses, being aware of all the feminine powers they possess. 

Alina Moza

The Feeric Gala was the best way to end these two days. The catwalk was built up in the historical city centre, where we enjoyed the collections of some amazing Romanian designers, such as Alina Moza

We remember seeing her collection in front of the Bruckenthal Museum during the 10th FFW because she has recognisable textile art and music picks. We are saying this because – just like last year – Golan was played as runway music. And we have to say that the collection Intuitio went hand in hand with Golan’s Rocket Love. And now let’s turn back to the garments we saw…

We love that her designs have retro and modern vibes at the same time. This was a Spring/Summer 2019 collection, which could be concluded from the heart-warming colors, like peach, yellow and navy blue.  

She uses natural textiles, 100% organic fibers to disclose the feelosophy behind every collection. She plants archaic decorations in today’s articles of clothing. Her cuts and patterns are interacting with one another, provoking her pieces to be perceived as elegant, powerful and simple in a witty way. This trio couldn’t work without intuition.

It is always a pleasure to take part in fashion events full of creativity and imagination as our mission is to document you these thrilling style journeys. Feeric Fashion Week was just one of our stops. 

Don’t forget to mark the Copenhagen Fashion Week in your calendar  for the upcoming days! Meet you there!

Written and photographed by Zsuzsanna Magyari

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