Graphic Eye Makeup

Giving your outfit an edge

Graphic Eye Makeup – Giving your outfit some sass
January 1, 2018 Zsuzsi

Are you tired of drawing the same wing with your good old eyeliner everyday? Good news for you because our graphic eye makeup is ready to shake up your makeup routine.
We mainly spotted this style on the runways of the previous season, but let’s be real: It is never too late to get inspired.
As minimalists, we tend to stick to a rather monochrome style. Black and white are often the only colours we know. That’s why many of us often feel like a little outfit booster would come in handy and there is no easier way of getting there than using our makeup look. This one is not an easy one, but we all know that practise makes perfect.

What you will need in order to achieve this look

 All you need for this look is an eyeliner or gel liner in the colour of your very own choice. You can never go wrong with black, a colourful wing can give a sassy touch to every minimalistic outfit and a glitter eyeliner is the perfect gadget for your party look. Additionally, it will be of significant advantage for you to look out for waterproof and longwear products that will enable you to not worry about your makeup during the day or night. And of course we remember that our skin is the biggest organ of the human body and therefore, needs very good care. Have a look at the ingredients of the products that you use, so you can choose with purpose and do your skin some good.
Here you go for our small collection of products that fulfil the criteria and that will give your outfit the little extra that you are looking for: Liquid Liner by Cargo,  Metallic Eyeliner and Glam Pink Liner with silver glitter, both by NYX.


As you probably know, we have a broad range of possibilities when it comes to working with eyeliners. We know if it is hard to believe, but this time, we are not aiming for a classic look  and therefore we won’t be focusing on the upper lash line. If you prefer to take it easy for now, you are of course welcome to  do so and we recommend to give your daily wing a little coloured kick by adding an additional line or a dot to your outer eye. Another option would be a modern cat wing. For the cat wing you simply need to extend the outline to then fill the gap with your eyeliner or a shimmery eye shadow of your choice. The latter step is optional because we all know that time is not always on our side. And again, the colours are totally up to you, but we wanna encourage you to be bold. Super bold.

This eye makeup can make any minimalistic outfit complete. Accuracy makes the difference here, because a look like this can look very messy if we don’t put in the time that is necessary to make it look good. And because this makeup style is not widespread, you can use it as a tool to stand out in the crowd.

Text: Zsuzsanna Magyari

Pictures sourced from MAC Cosmetics and Pinterest