KREAFUNK is about to funk up your day

KREAFUNK is about to funk up your day
November 6, 2017 Anett

KREAFUNK brings you a combination of the best in creativity and functionality. Do you know how that sounds? You will – when you go and meet KREAFUNK’s groovy world.


KREAFUNK is a passionate Danish design duo specially dedicated to breaking down the bridge between creativity and functionality in terms of quality design with an urban vibe.

It was created in 2011 and started as a good idea between two friends – an idea of creating a difference through design and technology.

KREAFUNK would like to challenge, delight and deliver strong design with smart and surprising solutions.

In KREAFUNK’s portfolio we find all the techs we need for our music-lover souls. From the most stylish speakers – like our tested one, the aMove – to the colourful headphones and earphones which are absolute must-haves. But the reason we choose the minimal looking, white aMove is that we were curious about the sound quality. Will tell you what we experienced later on! 

Fast forward! KREAFUNK’s product portfolio grows, and KREAFUNK constantly delivers new hits – and it makes us really really happy. 

Great ideas that never miss a beat.

Why do we like it? 


Guess we don’t have to explain why we love the visual appearance of this KREAFUNK speaker. It’s a small-sized gadget which in this pure white color will definitely fit in your home. No matter if you like to listen to your funky music in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, it will be a decisive piece of the space. 


First when we held the speaker in our hand, we were quite sceptical if this relatively small speaker can do something big. But it can. Not kidding. It has a really clear and sharp sound which perfectly works for a Bon Iver or Bon Jovi song. Of course, we are not professionals/geeks but what’s good is good. 


You may say, “All right, all right” but if it’s not only gorgeous but a good quality speaker then it probably costs a fortune. Or at least an Acne scarf. But we can reassure you and your wallet that it’s a really fortunate price-value ratio. 

Go for it. 

If you’re that excited as we are, and have a desire to own a pretty & good speaker then go and check out the funky website of KREAfunk. Have fun(k)!