The Chronicles of Rains – Vol.3

The Rains Desert Jacket is, as its name shows, water-resistant. It is for those who loathe the rain, as well as for those who embrace the indoor hygge culture. No matter where you are, under a cloudy sky or near the sea with high humidity; no matter what season you are in, going for a daily trip in mid-July or going out for a walk in February -with a pullover underneath-, this jacket will not let you down.

The Rains Desert Jacket is practical and unisex. We are sure that a lot of our female readers struggle with the problem of not finding a stylish raincoat for themselves. It does not weigh much, which is quite a relief when you are wearing it all day long, especially when you are out on a trip. You don’t even need to take an umbrella with you because with its hood is a sufficient shelter from the raindrops. And just in case you are afraid of the rain ruining your laptop or papers in your bag, we recommend you to take a look at their cool waterproof accessories.

The desert shade is only one of the wide range of colours you can find the raincoat in. We like this tone because it gives the feeling of blending into nature’s lap.

But in the 21st century, most of us are -unwittingly- attracted to a magnetic field – called the City. There is no need to worry because you can still enjoy the benefits of your Rains jacket even in the town. As you live in a place with an oceanic climate, like Copenhagen or London -just to name a few major cities-, you should consider befriending the Rains products.

Besides, if you are bored of the grey concrete jungle, this desert colour can spin the colour-wheel of your every-day city life. It’s an exciting and rare colour to meet on the street. Most noteworthy, its earth tone may remind you of the blissful moments spent in nature, because we all know how dispirited we can become after a full working day. You can wear this jacket with casual pieces, sportswear, like a sweatshirt and sneakers, which might as well be purple, to complement this yellowish colour. On top of that, it can even look good with a business casual outfit too. Any trousers go well with it, from wide leg to jeggings. Having a lively imagination when it comes to fashion, we can picture it even with a pencil skirt, in case you are heading to the office on a rainy day. Now think of it: it is a smart move to order your own Rains jacket, isn’t it? There’s no heavy rain that can stop you anymore!

Photo: Michaela Taylor

Text: Magyari Zsuzsanna

The Rains Desert Jacket can prove to be your best friend, in or out of the city, a must have in your wardrobe!