Makeup Inspiration for the Holidays



As holiday season is fast approaching, we might ask what should we wear at the office christmas party, on Christmas Eve or on New Year’s Eve. If you don’t seem to have any idea and want to solve this dilemma, read more about it in this article! Do you know what makes miracles happen? Nothing  but a good makeup. You can find the perfect makeup, regardless of how casual or how sparkly your outfit is.





No matter what kind  of christmas party you are planning to attend, the dress code is beyond a hoodie. If you’re ill at ease in a cocktail dress, make your dress pop with a simple makeup! To go for sure, here’s a recipe to a makeup with emphasized eyes and lips:

You can do this makeup in a few steps and you can gain a fresh and special effect with it. What is so different is that you have to put more accent on your crease, but instead of the usual color you ought to use a glittery eyeliner.

→If you can’t call yourself a big fan of sparkly makeup or you prefer bold lips, here’s what we devoutly recommend you:  prepare nude eyes and choose a special,dramatic lipstick to it. This is the simple formula for success!


Christmas Eve




It’s Christmas Eve and a lot of people like dressing up fashionably, applying a flawless makeup, whereas other people prefer comfort and naturalness. If you belong to the latter one, we are still recommending you a brighter,  simpler makeup in your family circle.

The first one is matte with orange hues, which we suggest to be used by girls who have light brown or blonde hair. Nude lips and the color choice of the highlighter,similar to the eyeshadow color, is the key of this cool look.

→The second one is in perfect harmony with brown hair. Here we chose a light brown shade for the eyes, with  highlighter in  the same colortones. This way you can emphasize your features, but it still has a natural and casual effect.


New Year Eve



Due to the New Year’s Eve parties, you can fancy the opportunity of experimenting. Now it’s time for you to leap at the chance to try out an extreme makeup. This year  glitter makup is one of our favorite ones, good choice for any night. They are easy to do, however spectacular.

← Put on bright or dark eyeshadow (this is up to you) glitter primer and, with the help of a brush, apply directly the glitter. Gold and silver are our favored tones, but you can go for any color you like.

→ If you want an extreme makeup at its finest, choose some bigger star-,moonshaped chunky glitters and apply them with glitter primer on your dried glitter base. We guarantee you a megawatt look on that night, grabbing all the attention.

Photo: Ancza Krisztina

Makeup: Horváth Glória

Models: Szandi és Zsófi

Project Manager: Gáspár Dominika

Text: Magyari Zsuzsanna

The models wear the latest from  Daubner Anna‘s christmas clothing .