The future is in corduroy

A black jacket is an old-time favourite, it never goes out of fashion. But finding the perfect one is not easy, especially nowadays when the fast-fashion stores are full of the same denim or leather jackets. If you want something old-school like us, come and join the ‘Cord-team’. 

What inspired you to establish a brand like this? 

We believe people have been looking for a lasting alternative to denim for quite some time now. The Cords & Co is based on a relatively simple yet very clear idea –  a brand completely dedicated to the fabric of corduroy. It is a material everyone has a relationship with and yet no one has really dedicated themselves entirely to. Philosophically we like the idea of referencing the texture of corduroy and we wanted to take cues from the fabric itself and build a brand around those ideals. It has also been on and off trend throughout the history of fashion and the launch of the brand came at a very fortunate timing I guess, given corduroy´s fashion status this fall. 

The location for our photoshoot was Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we were truly blessed with the touch of the setting sun. The black cord jacket was styled with  checked suit trousers and high-heeled suede boots. We really wanted to get to know the story behind The Cords & Co and they were kind enough to answer our questions, so here’s an interview with the brand. 

1. When and where did you start The Cords & Co? 

It was established in Stockholm in 2016, but the brand was officially launched in 2017.  




Authentic, humble, disruptive and premium.


4. Tell me about your future plans and collaborations. 

We have been launching collaborations with Alpha Industries, Eastpak and DJ Harvey this past fall and we have many interesting collaborations coming up as well. We will also opening up stores in NYC and Tokyo during spring, which we are very much looking forward to.











5. We would love to see the brand at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Do you have any ambitions like this? 

Nothing is impossible :-). We love Copenhagen and even though we do not have our own store there yet, we have seen that the Danes seem to appreciate what we do and like our products. At the moment we are available at for example Wood Wood and Norrgaard in Denmark. We will be present at the CIFF fashion fair in February so anyone who is there should stop by and see us.

Modell: Anett
Stylist: Priszci
Photographer: Gréta

Jacket: The Cords & Co.
Watch: Hodina
Trousers: Monki
Boots: H&M
Sunglasses: vintage