• Oct082018

    Nordgreen – The new chapter of Scandinavian luxury

    You could have the most stylish earrings, the most elegant bracelets and the most fashionable necklaces – but we all know that the real star of your outfit is the watch. It’s the accessory which expresses the most about you and gives your entire look the perfect finish.

  • Oct012018

    Jan Machenhauer – the Danish designer who challenges fast fashion

    From the starting point up to now. Seeing through Jan Machenhauer’s designs is a new way of perceiving the world, including the fashion industry. Let us present you the designer behind this brand and the ideology that makes the clothes what they really are.

  • Sep012018

    CPHFW SS19 – Follow the Copenhagen Fashion Week here!

    Copenhagen Fashion Week brings explosion of colours and shapes with its spring/summer 2019 collection and endless list of designers! If you want to be ahead of time and start planning for next warm season, make sure you check out our article to spot the upcoming trends before anybody else.

  • Aug062018

    F is for Feeric Fashion Week

    Feeric Fashion Week is thought to be the most creative European Fashion Week and it is held in the heart of Transylvania. In this article, we present you collections by Asian designers, as well as Romanian brands. Get yourself ready for a fabulous fashion-journey!

  • Mar282018

    The trendiest ugly sneakers of the season!- Taking over the streets!

    Ugly sneakers are having the time of their lives: they appear in fashion weeks, on catwalks, and even on iconic fashion bloggers feet. Not only that, but the biggest fashion maisons like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Rick Owens are representatives of the ugly sneakers as they introduced them to their higher class audience. We collected the hottest ugly sneakers of the season, check them out now!

  • Mar212018

    Sindroms – Meet the founders behind our latest magazine addiction!

    If you’re into colour, visual art, photography, aesthetics and printed magazines – you might have come across the magnificent magazine Sindroms. We got an interview with the founders Ana Teodorel and Miruna Sorescu who are the masterminds behind the beautiful piece of art. Read the story of how Sindroms was created and get inspired!

  • Mar132018

    Brand alert: FEAR OF GOD

    Have you maybe seen Justin Bieber wearing the signature jacket ‘Fear of God’? He and many more celebrities are owners of clothing from the latest Fear Of God collection -a brand founded by the LA-based Jerry Lorenzo. Make sure not to miss this cool brand!

  • Mar122018

    This is why you need to change from being a night owl to a morning bird

    If we have a look at the routine of the highly successful people we can definitely see a pattern. They are early risers! Sometimes it is hard to believe that there are people on this planet leading multinational companies and still manage to have a family, friends, and normal life things, you know.

  • Feb052018

    CPHFW AW18 – Follow the Copenhagen Fashion Week here!

    Between the 30th of January and 1st of February, we were lucky enough to participate in one of the biggest nordic fashion events: CPHFW AW18! If you want to be ahead of time and start planning for next winter season, make sure you check out our article to spot the upcoming trends before anybody else.

  • Jan272018

    Save your lips with these balms!

    We all know the struggle of dry lips during those long winter months, when the wind constantly blows cold air onto our very sensitive lips. Read about the golden balms that will keep your lips soft and glossy all year around!