• Jul312017

    Meet CLUSE watches, the favorite accessory of the minimalist chick

    There are many brands on the market from high end category to cheap, but we were looking for a watch which is affordable, minimalistic and qualitative at the same time. This is how we found CLUSE watches. Read more to get to know this Amsterdam based brand!

  • Jul312017

    Memobottle review: sustainability and utility in one water bottle

    Let us introduce the Australian Memobottle. In our latest article we present you these unique shaped and minimalistic water bottles which are not only cool but sustainable as well.

  • Jul292017

    MOSHI – natural and cheeky cosmetics for everyone

    We have tested the playful and cheeky MOSHI’s skincare products. Read our article to get to know the benefits of their minimalistic and organic products.

  • Jul222017

    How it was like being a model in the 90’s – Interview with Jenneke Tesselaar

    Amsterdam-born Jenneke Tesselaar – today a succesful violinist – did not know that she in her teenage years would be discovered by one of the leading model agencies and appear on several huge magazine covers. Read our interview with Jenneke to find out more about her life.

  • Jul202017

    Spending hours before laptop? – Save your eyes with EyeBuyDirect!

    We’ve tested the EyeBuyDirect’s digital screen protector glasses and have to admit they are amazing. What is so good about them? Get to know it from our article!

  • Jul202017

    Treat your skin with the Swedish L:A Bruket! – You can thank us later!

    Let us introduce the L:A Bruket, swedish brand which aims to create the perfect product for the body and skin by combining the best materials of nature. We tested their products, and we did not get disappointed! See the result here!

  • Jul192017

    Minimalism basics 1.0 – Learn the basics of a minimalist outfit

    Have you ever dreamt about the perfect spontaneous minimalist outfit that you always see on Instagram? A careless hair and flawless sweatshirt combo? Here are the main steps of creating a minimalist look! Read more..