sustainability and utility in one water bottle

Memobottle review: sustainability and utility in one water bottle
July 31, 2017 Anett

We all know the struggle. We try to drink as much water as possible during the day, but we hate to carry it around so we rather buy a new bottle, which is a totally unsustainable way to keep ourselves hydrated.
Did you know that only in the last year 480 billion plastic bottles were consumed and majority of them ended up on landfills and in the ocean? Did you know that it takes 450 years for one plastic bottle to break down?

These are the urgent problems to which Memobottle creators found the perfect solution: BPA free, totally recyclable water bottles with a unique space-saving design.


The two Australian founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt experienced up close the problem of the plastic pollution in the ocean, since they grew up in a small coastal town near Melbourne. In response they didn’t only think about the environmental effects but also about the frustrating fact that round water bottles are hard to fit in any laptop case or everyday carry bag. This was the point when they created an environmental friendly, flat paper sized bottle, which we think is not only practical but really cool at the same time.


The bottle has many outstanding qualities which we are so in love with.  The design makes the bottle itself really noticeable and the fact that it fits perfectly next to your laptop or notebook wants you to carry it all day with you. Memobottle basically becomes an everyday attendant of your life, so you start to drink much more water without noticing it because it’s good to hold, it’s handy, oh and really photogenic for any Insta flat-lay.  The journey of the bottle started with a Kickstarter campaign and it quickly escalated into production.









The company currently has two sizes

Memobottle A6 with a 375 ml capacity. It can fit easily in your pocket or you can carry it with you for your running session.

Memobottle A5 with a capacity of 750 ml  is the perfect partner for everyday life, so you will always stay hydrated on the go. Both of the bottles come with a black and white cap, so you can change it depending on your outfit or picture composition.

We love the bottle for its sustainability, design but also for the fact that with buying the Memobottle we support people in need with clean water of 10 months via The Memobottle got so successful that they won the Good design award in 2017 and were selected to the gift bags for the Oscars.

Kickstarter Campaign

Thrilled by this success, the Memobottle team lately launched a new Kickstarter campaign introducing Memobottle A7 and the new slim bottle with a 450 ml capacity. If this is still not enough, they created in collaboration with the exclusive Australian brand Kinnon, premium grain leather sleeves for each bottle size providing a more exclusive look for the product.

We cannot emphasise enough how much the Uptostyle team loves these bottles and soon you can get the Memobottle A5 and A6 in our webshop!
Stay tuned and be a part of a more reusing society.