The Keywords of Millennial Branding – This is how you can reach the Y generation!

The Keywords of Millennial Branding – This is how you can reach the Y generation!
October 28, 2017 Zsuzsi

100% of our team members are millennials. Therefore, by describing millennials we explain what we are like. And you are very likely to be one as well. In this article you will get to know who we are and what we are designed to in the fashion industry.

Just to set the record straight: who are the millennials?

Millennials were born between 1977 and 2000, the next-in-line generation after  baby boomers. One might also call them generation X or Y. We can define ourselves as the  first truly digital natives and brand lovers.  And here we get to the main subject of our article.


Feeling that philosophy

One of the most important things you need to know about millennials, when you are on the verge of launching your own brand, is that they are willing to spend more money on products that serve a cause. A dress is not a piece of cloth anymore, it’s an item with a story behind and most customers prefer to nose into that story. Gen Y supports socially responsible brands. These responsibilities can be related to limiting preconceptions on beauty, gender equality, fair trade or environmental issues. This is when philosophy not only etymologically turns into feelosophy. For instance, the people at Glossier believe that beauty is imperfect. In the fashion world, lot of fast fashion stores come out with sustainable collections, whereas more and more people decide to wear vegan, eco-friendly clothes. But where do they buy their items of clothing from? A good example is People Tree,  a brand that finds crucial to know who their workers are and what is the material they are using like.  People Tree makes his clothes of tencel, cotton fibres grown with organic farming, without artificial chemicals, which has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Ergo, a millennial tries to stay both environmentally and ethically stylish.


Social media rules

We live in a tech-driven society, we spend hours in front of the screen working or viewing tens of social media accounts daily. No matter from which side we are looking it is quite a long time. Customer services are done via technology and shoppers rely on user-generated content. In consequence of that, millennial branding in the fashion industry is living its most successful period on the Net.

Brands are visual-content oriented on the digital marketing platforms. It is all about creating net-worthy posts, because a share, a like can be equal with a potential future buyer. Websites often only serve the role of a webshop, whereas on the Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat are shared the first pieces of an outcoming collection. The more dominant and unique an instagram feed is, the more attention is drawn to it. Let’s just take The Row’s profile. They are outstanding in their own way, because they share their source of inspiration, mostly works of plastic art.

The story behind each post is relevant here as well, it’s good if followers can identify themselves with the brand’s ideology. For instance,  Girlfriend Collective, spreading body image positivity all over the cyber world.



Design hacks

In terms of web and product design, there is a tendency in the direction of minimalism. Regarding the graphical representation, brands choose to use either their name or  their icon as logo. Not only the logo, but the product packages are simplified too. This doesn’t imply that they’re plain, each brand tries to creat something original that would represent them. For example, the Milk Makeup uses  nude colors and holography on their product package, without any illustration.

More and more companies and brands are implementing the above mentioned strategies, because keeping pace with the new millenial branding methods is necessary these days, you don’t want your business to go down to rock bottom. Even the slightest changes, such as a logo update every now and then can make a massive impact.

So, there are three words that you have to know when it comes to millenial branding  in the fashion industry : ethical, content-oriented and self-directed. And our question is: are you any of these?:)