Minimalist Christmas Spirit

Minimalist Christmas Spirit
December 14, 2017 Zsuzsi


Is all of your Christmas Eve menu already planned? Do you know what kind of presents will you surprise your beloved ones with? And how about your house decoration? In our fast-changing world we always get lost in these questions and forget what Christmas is all about. While we’re trying to find a theme for our Christmas and do our best at gift giving, it may end in a chaotic mess of tacky decorations and wrapping paper. We have already stepped into the festal period, which should be defined by a minimalist Christmas spirit in order to prevent what happened to you last year.


To buy or not to buy a christmas tree

Christmas is not the same without a Christmas tree, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have an artificial pine. Actually, there is a wide range of them on the market. You can pick one with wintery flocking or one that comes with lights. These don’t even need additional decorations, so you can’t go to the other extremes. The artificial tree sellers have also thought of those who don’t have big space in their house. You can buy slim corner trees, which look very fashionable and have an air of modernity.

In this celebratory season you ought to think of everyone, which includes paying attention to the environment as well!

Wait, who said that you must have a Christmas tree? If you’ve spent your December working your fingers to the bone and you don’t have time to buy a Christmas tree, as an alternative, you can always decide to use a wreath. It can be very festal and you can decorate and customize it just the way you like. What’s more? The tree doesn’t have to be cut to make your wreath.

Though it may seem as a strange solution, you could use pine tree branches instead of a whole cut tree. You can put these evergreen leaves in an enormous jar. A similar solution is a Christmas tree wall, which is a creative idea and it’s not too space consuming, in case you live in a tiny apartment.

Decorate in minimalist style



A lot of people go over the top with finding a theme for their Christmas and decorating their house according to this. You should keep in mind decorating too, but don’t it become essential this holiday. Instead keep it simple, decorate in a minimalistic style, and don’t drop your attention from the important things. Scandinavian design shops definitely know what minimalistic Christmas decorations look like. With this spirit, we have chosen  from the Nordic House and the Søstrene Grene

If you are fed up with the traditional colours, you should consider going for the Nordic ones (light blue) and for different tones of light red.

Material wise, modern decorations are mostly made of porcelain and metal. Yes, you read it right. Despite of the fact that metal evokes you the sense of hardcoreness, it is very shiny,its goldy or silver tones go with everything. Besides the tree topper and the baubles, you should also give a glimpse at the candleholders, because after a long time, they are back on our Christmas tree to shake up the atmosphere. Fairy lights have the same effect. Honestly, we cannot imagine Christmas without fairy lights wrapped around the tree or if not on the tree, make sure they’re hanged somewhere in your house.


From the above mentioned ideas you can conclude that minimalists try to remain faithful to this (life) style even during Christmas, they don’t even forget to stay sustainable. These things regard not only them, but these tricks can be implemented in everyone’s life in order to focus only on the important things around you, such as your family members. Christmas is once in a year, so try to make it special! Maybe, you will impress everybody around you with this minimalistic theme of your house.


This Christmas make sure that you make yourself get in minimalist christmas spirit and spend a lot of time with your beloved ones!