Minimalist Jewelry – by BAIUSHKI

Minimalist Jewelry – by BAIUSHKI
November 9, 2017 Diana

Throughout history, jewelry has been worn to pull together a look and an outfit and just overall finish a look. Certainly, the times have not changed and our view for the jewelry remain the same. Moreover, minimalist jewelry is here, small or big, dainty decorative item who we love to include it in our daily lives. They fill up the right space and refine any outfit.

However, we know that minimalist jewelry can also play a more important role. Likewise, a deep connection to your loved husband, grandparents or maybe a friend. Of course, that differs from person to person.

For us, one of our significant and dearest jewelry come from BAIUSHKI. A company that knows to combine minimalist and chic handmade pieces that conveys simplicity through the use of clean lines, geometric shapes, and an authentic visual appearance.

Meaningful craft jewerly

BAIUSHKI is a Zurich-based jewelry studio, founded in October 2016 by Lea Good and Arnaud Pernet. Baiushki jewelry is designed and handmade in their atelier in Zurich, Switzerland. Lea Good is the designer with a florist and fashion background and Arnaud Pernet is the person behind the business and website development. They gave their time and answers to our few questions we had prepared for them. Take a look…


Q: Did you always intend to be a designer? Or did you have a different dream you desired? Why did you choose this career in the end?

A: I’ve always been into colors, shapes, and nature, so I decided to become a florist and I had a lot of pleasure mixing flowers to create beautiful bouquets. I then decided to study fashion design because I find the human body fascinating so I wanted to dress it. Quickly after my studies, I founded a fashion label with a friend. It was a great experience as I not only improved my design skills but also learned about the business of having a brand. I also noticed that what I was enjoying the most was to create small eye-catching details and accessories. It was there that I started creating jewelry and experimenting with different materials like leather, stones, and brass. After some goldsmith classes, my partner encouraged me to found, together with him, the jewelry label BAIUSHKI.

Q: What inspires you to design a jewelry?

A: Simple shapes you can find everywhere, geometry and I get a lot of inspiration from nature. For instance, I have designed our new collection around the shapes of perfectly smooth stones that were formed on a beach in Iceland.

Q: How much time does it take to see the final product?

A: What I enjoy with jewelry is that you can quickly see the result of what you are crafting. Depending on the piece, I can see the final result after about 1-2 hours. When creating prototypes, this often allows me to directly work on the pieces instead of spending time drawing them first.

Baiushki 3

Q: What kind of material do you use usually?

A: In our first collection we have been using mainly gold-plated brass and some howlite stones. In our upcoming collection, we will also make jewelry in silver and gold.

Q: Do you wanna design any other accessory in the future? Maybe bags or hair-slides?

A: Currently, I have more than enough to do with the jewelry. However, in the future, I would love to design minimalist accessories or make again clothes.

Given that, the BAIUSHKI jewelry company is what we want you to get acquainted with. Now find your own minimalist jewelry from there website down below.

Have you heard about BAIUSHKI jewelry? Did you like them?

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