Minimalism basics 1.0 – Learn the basics of a minimalist outfit

Minimalism basics 1.0 – Learn the basics of a minimalist outfit
July 19, 2017 Greta

Minimalism, the lifestyle that lives up for the quote ‘Sometimes less is more’.

minimalist outfit basic

The simpler it looks, the harder it is to compose… Would you ever think? It takes a bunch of sophisticated taste, given talent and eyes for details to form a ‘proper’ minimalist outfit.

The following unwritten rules are the golden path towards minimalistic style, reflected on clothing, photography, home décor, modern arts, etc. However, let’s focus on fashion and accessories as the main topic of Uptostyle, cause you don’t wanna blunder a white T-shirt / black leather pants / matt peach fur slippers combo with a green and red floral carry-on…


White – black – dark – light. The magic 4 for the convenient outfit. Minimalism tends to use the less colours in one look, while it breaks the ‘not to wear black and blue/ black and brown together’ rule on a daily routine.


The style simply rejects heavy patterns. Instead, it focuses on straight lines and small, detailed design. The key thing is the combination of different materials, for instance a mix of fur with cotton, leather with satin or even silk with linen. Another creative tool is the game with sizes, pairing big and small, such as a huge oversized sweatshirt with a tiny little bag.


The style insists on deliberately small, and high quality accessories. The highlight is always on the details, such as a necklace with a geometric medal, a ring that’s shaped like a childish symbol (ice cream, unicorn, or pineapple), a watch that has a plain dial with the brand logo, no numbers.

coffee good morning minimalist

At some point, in the recent years the style had become a hype, coffee-lovers follow the minimalist’s posts with their daily cappuccino, journalists, bloggers and travellers posts hundred thousands of pictures daily with minimalist outfits. Minimalism is just like humour, it is a sense that you born with. Either you develop it by life, or get it from the books.

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