MOSHI – natural and cheeky cosmetics for everyone

MOSHI – natural and cheeky cosmetics for everyone
July 29, 2017 Anett


You probably know that here at Uptostyle we are all about clean aesthetics and quality products. We are constantly browsing the deep parts of the internet to find the best products for you.

Recently we stumbled upon a cosmetics brand which told us “you’re nuts” and “bite me”, and it immediately caught our attention. We knew that this was something cool and that we had to know more!

Meet MOSHI and read our review about the Estonian super products with cheeky comments.

The Estonian couple; Kirstine Kivi and Marko Tõll established the minimalistic beauty brand MOSHI in 2011 in collaboration with the Estonian Academy of Arts. The idea was to create something different. Something as minimalistic as possible.

Something that could prove that organic or natural doesn’t need to be boring. And so they did.

MOSHI, the name itself, is just like the products it represents: Unique. It doesn’t mean anything fancy or even an interesting history, but it’s a name you remember. At least we on Uptostyle do and we think you will too.

MOSHI makes products for the people, and they make sure everything is in the MOSHI-spirit. As the founders say: “MOSHI creates emotions.” How? Take a look on their packaging and read some of the fun and challenging statements and you’ll understand.

It’s self-ironic, it’s sexy and it’s one-of-a-kind.

Even though MOSHI itself isn’t bio certified yet, their products have mostly natural and partly certified organic ingredients and their clients love it. At the moment they have retailers in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania but maybe soon in Poland and Singapore as well (fingers crossed). MOSHI are growing faster than you think and that means expanding their selection with a bunch of new products. We’re stoked to see the new goodies! They will have their website in English ready soon but until then…

100% Natural   


MOSHI is growing faster than you think and that means expanding their selection with a bunch of new products. We’re stoked to see the new goodies! They will have their website in English ready soon but until then…

100% Minimalism

You might be interested in hearing more about their products, right?

Well it’s your lucky day because we had the chance to try a few of their products and now we’re sharing our highlights with you.

Pumpkin-buckthorn body wash

The body wash with pumpkin sea buckthorn was one of our favourites. The scent was perfectly balanced and we loved the pump, as it was much easier to handle during the shower. This body wash doesn’t get foamy, as it doesn’t contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which is actually a really good thing. You might end up using more product than you actually need, but that just needs some getting used to and then you’ll be fine. We found the body wash very useful also when washing our face as it removes your make up right away (and man, we love that!).

Lavender-geranium face polish

Another product we absolutely loved is the Face polish with lavender geranium. It had a pleasant scent and it felt great on the skin. Our skin felt fresh and hydrated. Definitely a must if you ask us!

Blueberry - cheesecake candle

Besides the cosmetics, MOSHI has a pretty collection of soy wax candles with delicious smells. The essential oils in the candles make sure that the candle burns at a lower temperature. This makes the candles burn cleaner without harmful substances or soot and it also makes the candles last longer. We got blueberry cheesecake scent, and the first time we used it, it was like somebody had just baked a delicious (but invisible) cake. We’re looking forward to spending a cold winter evening inside with these candles lit, watching a movie while drinking a cup of coffee. Sounds perfect, don’t you think?

Pumpkin-buckthorn lip balm

A simple, but effective lip balm which was tested in the cold, scandinavian environment. Even biking on the streets of the windy Copenhagen our lips couldn’t become dry with this hydrating and softening lip balm. It’s a perfect basic if you would like to apply a rouge on your lips, because it has a really light texture which blends with the rouge. 

Tomato-cranberry haircare

The MOSHI team didn’t want to create another hair care product with argan oil so they use the blessing effect of tomato and cranberry. They are full of rich ingredients, like Vitamin A, E and -3 -6 -9 omega fatty acid which protects your hair tips from getting fragmented. Because of it’s rich texture you’ll only need a really small drop of the product, so it holds on for quite a long time. Wait 30 mins after applying it on your hair to make sure it’s already ingrained. 


Aren’t these products to die for? We have already put them on our wishlist, you might want to do that too!

Make sure to follow MOSHI on their adventure on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest news. (You really don’t want to miss anything these guys are doing, trust us!)