Hodina – Kirkland Rosegold Mesh Strap

Hodina – Kirkland Rosegold Mesh Strap

Hodina – Kirkland Rosegold Mesh Strap

DKK 999.00

The Hodina KIRKLAND Rosegold mesh model is the perfect embodiment of minimalism, clean and elegance. Designed and inspired by classic clockwork and the modern woman.

Every detail is worked out carefully with a sleek silver mesh strap, Japanese Minolta clockwork and scratch resistant sapphire glas. After years of being worn it will still look like new.

HODINA is gently engraved on the dial and at the back of the dial.

Product Details

Style: Ladies
Case Diameter: 34mm
Overall Thickness: 6.7mm
Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Finish: PVD Coated Rose Gold
Glass: Sapphire Crystal (high scratch resistance)
Movement: Japan 1L45 Miyota Quartz
Water Resistant: 3 ATM
Strap: 16mm width, Stainless Steel, Quick-change feature


For every Hodina clock, we undertake a 1-year structural warranty that can be enforced against the electronic invoice we issue. The invoice will be sent electronically by e-mail within 7 days of ordering.

This warranty does not apply to:

– Water damage
– Wear and tear due to everyday use – unsuitable for
harsh use
– Damage to the battery life

What we think - Hodina

One of the things we love most about the Hodina Watches is that they are all limited editions. Every clock model is manufactured in a limited number with a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic.

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HODINA is a North-American minimalistic watch brand with Eastern European roots. Hodina started as a hobby and was later transformed into a business venture by the couple, Vadim and Dasha. They launched their watch and accessories brand early in 2016. The design and planning process takes place in Seattle, WA which is also the base of the brand. The couple were inspired by the city’s raw aesthetics of modern architecture, and the Hodina watches are designed in the same spirit. Hodina addresses individuals of similar mentality, those who value quality and are happy to wear unique and raw design. Their motto: “Quality over quantity”.

Vadim was raised by an ambitious watch-repair specialist and is today just as passionate about the eye-catching pieces as his father. It is from him who he has learned about how to combine colours, materials and shapes to create an aesthetic experience. The Hodina couple draws inspiration from furniture design, fashion and architecture and desire classic features.

Their newest collection was inspired by natural and classic details – the “less but better” principle. The two new models, Kirkland and Bellevue watch, were designed with a stylish and elegant look. The Hodina Kirkland Rosegold Mesh has a bold and sleek design with a brushed and matte finish. The Hodina Bellevue watch is luxuriously designed with texture and depth in mind.

Creating a new collection takes several months and the process always begins on a theoretical plane which is later followed by sifting and perfecting the ideas on paper and making it a reality. Different samples are brought in and tested, ideas are exchanged and exchanged and is afterwards followed by the production.

What distinguishes Hodina from other manufactures is the opportunity to deliver high quality watches at affordable prices.  The focus of us the simple lines to compliments and respect the wearers own personal style. The brand is aware that the spirit of Hodina might not be interpreted for the greater masses and this does not cause the couple any sleepless nights. Instead the emphasise and respect the individuals own sense of style.


All of Hodina’s watches are limited edition.